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    With real estate prices on the rise, a number of Toronto homeowners are choosing to renovate their current homes instead of upgrading to a newer or larger house. To fund these renovations, many are turning to personal loans.

    To meet this need, the Mortgage Broker Store now provides home renovation loans in Toronto. This Ontario-based team of licensed mortgage agents is now able to help homeowners find lower-cost loans, specifically for completing improvements on their homes.

    “Renovations can be a big win for homeowners,” says Ron Alphonso, president of the Mortgage Broker Store. “Homeowners are happy since their homes now meet their needs. Meanwhile, when done right, renos help increase the value of a home. If the homeowners choose to sell in the future, their renovated home will bring in a better resale price.”

    Popular renovations for the Toronto area include finishing basements, updating kitchens, remodeling bathrooms and upgrading windows and doors. Once materials and labour are taken into account, these renovations can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

    Despite the costs, homeowners are subsequently happier with their homes. Increased living space allows them to stay in their homes longer, and updated, luxurious finishes reduce the desire for a newer construction.

    When it comes to larger-scale home renovations, most homeowners don’t have the needed money saved in advance. Most Canadians turn to some form of financing to make the project a reality. Popular loan options include lines of credit and second mortgages.

    Traditionally, a line of credit requires the borrower to pay interest payments on a monthly basis. The principal amount can be paid off at any time, giving homeowners greater flexibility. A second mortgage offers a more structured approach to loan repayments. Monthly payments include interest and principal, based on a pre-set amortization, like a conventional first mortgage. A licensed mortgage broker can work with homeowners to decide which option is best for the borrower’s specific situation. Brokers can also work out the loan details and negotiate the best possible interest rate.

    According to Alphonso, the trick to getting the best interest rate is to choose a secured loan when possible. Secured loans give owners access to the equity in their homes. “When borrowing against the value of a home, lenders take on less risk. They can therefore offer homeowners a much lower interest rate,” says Alphonso.

    When working with a mortgage broker, it’s important to note that brokers don’t directly bill their clients. Brokers are paid by the banks or lenders, either by finder’s fee or by commission. However, mortgage brokers work for their clients, not the banks. It is a mortgage broker’s responsibility to find the best possible loan for their clients.

    For more information on all types of loans, including for home renovation purposes, contact the Mortgage Broker Store directly at 416-639-0786 or visit their website at

    Ronald Alphonso
    Mortgage Broker Store
    License #: M11001286
    Address: 100 Consilium Pl. Suite 200 Toronto, ON, M1H 3E3, Canada
    Phone: 416-639-0786

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    Seattle, WA – National Judgment Enforcement Group (NJE Group), a collection agency that specializes in the recovery of court ordered judgments, is introducing a new broker service to aid clients in locating a suitable law firm for their specific judgment collection needs.

    “Our judgment broker service saves the time and hassle of trying to locate a law firm, while still providing the same accommodation of free out-of-pocket services,” said Travis D. Howard, Founder of NJE Group.

    Collecting on judgments is never an easy process.  Defendants typically make every effort to hide their assets to prevent collection through traditional measures of wage garnishments, bank levies and property liens.  NJE Group’s new broker service provides clients with an additional option when more forceful methods are required.

    If NJE Group can’t collect through traditional avenues, the agency’s new broker service helps individuals find an attorney to handle the case through its vast network of law professionals. Sometimes the best solution is to involve the services of a collection attorney who can employ more aggressive tactics that include seizing personal tangible assets.

    To facilitate the collection process, NJE Group provides asset reports and other pertinent information about the defendant to create a broker packet.  The broker presentation packet includes a cover letter explaining the case, data about the defendant(s) and available assets.  A complete asset report is included, along with business licenses and valuable information that the attorney can utilize to help the law firm collect on the judgment.

    The extensive range of information that NJE Group can provide makes the judgment more valuable and easier for the law firm to collect, and the broker service provides individuals with multiple benefits.

    - Clients save time trying to locate a law firm
    - Individuals save money by utilizing the best law firm to handle their case on a percentage basis
    - The client doesn’t pay NJE Group to broker the judgment and there’s only a slight fee increase from the original service agreement

    NJE Group is a premiere collection agency with one of the highest recovery rates in the industry. The new broker service available through the agency helps clients locate the specialized collection attorneys needed when more aggressive techniques are required to collect their court-ordered judgment.

    About NJE Group

    National Judgment Enforcement Group was established with the premise that most judgment creditors ought to have a better, more convenient and economical method for collecting their judgments.  NJE Group absolutely does not solicit money from clients.  The group’s major objective is to always offer the most efficient and reasonable recovery service in the industry, reducing client difficulties and expenses.

    Media Contact
    Travis D. Howard, Founder
    NJE Group
    Main toll-free: 800-381-9167
    Address: 23210 57th Ave W. #291, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

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    New Zealand naturopath who formulated the Canxida supplement range has issues a new protocol to fight yeast overgrowth inside the body. The details are available in a video and a download posted on the doctor's YouTube channel .

    The naturopath reveals on the Candida Crusher YouTube channel the Candida diet plan created to stop the development of the yeast inside the body and eventually eliminate it. The plan is different from the usual protocols that only mask the symptoms; the diet is said to focus on avoiding the foods that feed the candida growth.

    The candida epidemic is a major problem especially in the USA, as a consequence to the sugar rich, highly processed diet most people adhere to. Besides the anti candida diet people interested in protocols and cures for yeast infections can download a 13-page report for free. The link to the report is posed right below the candida video.

    The 25 minute video instructs on how to do the candida diet step by step. The plan starts with a clean up followed by a three stage diet. The given information includes candida diet tips as well as lifestyle tips that are easy to follow. The diet is expected to revitalize the digestive system. Patients are advised on how to make dietary changes that feel easy and last, what foods to eat and which fruit or green juices work best in the given situation. Finally, the video instructs on how to reintroduce the other foods once the anti-candida protocol is successful.

    One of the most important parts of the video speaks about the foods to avoid, foods which feed candida and lead to yeast overgrowth. This is considered to be the key of the diet. Additional videos on the channel develop on this topic.

    About the company

    Candida Crusher is the YouTube channel that promotes alternative candida healing protocols and diets that prevent its excessive growth. The candida cleanse and all related tips are provided by a naturopath physician with relevant clinical experience.

    To learn more about controlling and removing candida overgrowth, go to Candida Crusher

    John Martin
    Candida Crusher
    New York, NY, USA

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    April 30, 2016 – Easy to Build Shed Plans, the esteemed online authority on shed plans and other outdoor building projects, has recommended that homeowners should opt to build a large shed near their homes. It’s for this reason that the site is offering free DIY wooden 12×16 storage shed plans.

    “It’s wise for homeowners these days to build a large shed, so that it can become a stylish extension for the house,” says a spokesman for the website. “It’s a great way to get rid of excess junk in the home so that clutter can be minimized without getting rid of sentimental items.”

    With the space offered by these units, many kinds of household objects can be transferred to the shed so that the main house looks neat and beautiful. And it can also be used as a storage space for larger items that won’t fit inside the house.

    “These sheds can be used to store sports gear, books, and work equipment,” says the website rep. “And it can also be used to store work items need for outdoor maintenance, including gardening equipment and lawn mowers.”

    The first step to setting up a shed is to first determine the foundation. It’s not necessary to have a deep permanent foundation. But homeowners will need to bury posts or concrete if the shed will be much larger.

    “Then you’ll need to lay a base, and the right materials must be chosen,” advises the rep. “A sensible DIY plan must be used, and then a good site must be chosen.”

    About Company: Easy to Build Shed Plans is a highly regarded website that offers different free shed plans and other DIY homebuilding tips for home owners. It is found online at

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    John Pryor, strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Union and a director at JointAction , is announcing the publication of a new article focusing on effective strategies for injury prevention in occupational settings. In the article, Pryor discusses the inherent physicality of certain work environments while also noting that all occupations carry some degree of injury risk warranting the implementation of preventive strategies.

    Pryor, who holds a master’s degree in biomechanics earned from Southern Cross University and has published countless articles in international sports medicine publications, has conducted extensive research on the subject of injury prevention and has often focused specifically on the musculoskeletal injuries common to so many work environments. In addition to the application of this comprehensive research, Pryor has also adapted many of the injury prevention strategies utilized as a part of his role as the strength and conditioning coordinator with the Japan Rugby Football Union, a role in which he has served since 2012.

    “Through proper strategies incorporating both injury prevention along with an appropriately designed strength and conditioning program, the incidence of workplace injury should be significantly reduced while also improving the overall health and wellness of all parties involved,” Pryor said. “By sharing my research and the strategies stemming from the information made available through research, it is my hope that workplace injury can be avoided to a much greater degree than is currently the case.”

    About John Pryor

    The director of JointAction as well as the strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Football Union, John Pryor has been instrumental in the development of advanced strategies for athletic training and injury prevention. Pryor is a graduate of Southern Cross University, where he earned a Master of Health Science in Biomechanics and began many of the research practices that continue to guide the development of his strength and conditioning programs.


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    BoldLeads is announcing that it has received the endorsement of yet another real estate brokerage firm, with Greg Harrelson being the most recent to publish a glowing review of the company’s lead generation services at . Harrelson, a Myrtle Beach real estate broker who is also the owner of C21 The Harrelson Group and C21 Charleston Expert Advisors, provided a detailed overview of his experience using the BoldLeads system and compared the results to those he had generated through the use of other systems claiming to provide similar services.

    In the review, it is readily apparent that the BoldLeads system is held in much higher esteem than any other system available to Harrelson, leading to his declaration that he will be continuing to expand the use of a BoldLeads system that enabled him to compile a sizable database of future sellers. Harrelson also lauded BoldLeads for utilizing a highly focused approach that streamlined a professional responsibility that had previously been time-consuming and cumbersome.

    “We are more than pleased to have received such high praise from Mr. Harrelson and are grateful for being granted the opportunity to assist his firm through our lead generation system,” said a representative with BoldLeads. “While we are indeed humbled by the response to the BoldLeads system, we are certainly not surprised knowing all of the time and effort that went into researching and analyzing the most optimal approach to lead generation for brokerage firm agents and owners such as Mr. Harrelson.”

    About BoldLeads

    BoldLeads is a company dedicated to assisting real estate agents, brokers and coaches generate buyer and seller leads in the most efficient and effective way possible. With automated follow-up systems and an algorithm designed to identify only the highest quality prospects, BoldLeads helps real estate professionals generate leads while building a self-sustaining pipeline of future buyers and sellers.

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    Arturo Alvarez Demalde is continuing to expand his efforts regarding consumer advocacy with the release of a new publication in which he will provide in-depth reviews of a wide range of newly released products and services while continuing to promote his efforts in support of a number of charitable endeavors. In announcing the release of this new consumer advocacy review publication, Alvarez-Demalde emphasized that his focus will remain on the manner in which these products and services are produced and the societal benefits they yield.

    “As an entrepreneur and consumer advocate, I have always felt that it is of paramount importance that my efforts benefit those who are disadvantaged and therefore most in need of ongoing support,” said Alvarez-Demalde, who is also a managing partner with AD4 and a board member with ARIS. “It is too often the case that the need for economic empowerment is largely ignored, so this venture is simply another effort in which I hope to provide a degree of support to those in need of additional empowerment.”

    A graduate of the University of Buenos Aires and Harvard Business School who is also proficient in four languages, Alvarez-Demalde has expressed a particular interest in promoting educational efforts -- particularly with regard to subjects such as science and technology -- in the South American countries in which access can often be somewhat limited. While his efforts in this regard are ongoing, he hopes his publication will ensure that consumers are entirely informed regarding the origin of and the process involved in creating the products and services they purchase.

    Alvarez-Demalde believes that informed consumers tend to be far more responsible in terms of the products and services they tacitly endorse with each purchase, so it is his hope that the information he provides to consumers through his new publication will lead to better conditions and improved compensation for those involved in the creation of these products and services.

    About Arturo Alvarez-Demalde

    Arturo Alvarez-Demalde is a managing partner with AD4 is also the founder of a new consumer advocacy publication in which he provides in-depth reviews of a variety of products and services new to the marketplace. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Alvarez-Demalde also serves on the board of ARIS and is an advisory committee member with Harvard’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.


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    There are many Indians who wish to immigrate to Canada for various reasons and the aforementioned website can be considered for help in the same. They are a part of the Kansas overseas which cover several countries and their latest addition is exclusive to Canada. Their services are believed to be reliable and have helped many people in having a smooth transition.

    When compared with Canada express entry draws 2015 , this year’s draw has seen a change in the lowest score. Getting an invitation for Permanent Residency is important and theirs is believed to be an accredited entity that provides the best analysis on immigration requests.

    The website says, “We will help you with information on the Express entry latest draw . There are many ways in which you can ensure that an invitation is sent to you and our experts will provide with all the relevant support. All aspects of Canada express entry draws have been researched well by our experts in order to provide you with quality services.”

    To obtain more information about the services, visit

    About the website

    The website claims that their team has extensive knowledge about Canada express entry immigration draws. There is a list of the number of applicants against the number of invitations sent by the Canadian government. People can peruse their web pages for unbiased advice on Express Entry and how to improve the ranking in the pool. Their customer service team is available to answer any queries regarding the same.

    Media Contact
    Kansas Overseas Careers - Jubilee Hills
    Address: #8-2-293/82/714, 3rd Floor, Silver Square,
    Opp: Croma Showroom, 715, Road Number 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500033, India
    Phone Numbers: +91-40-66444844 / +91-40-66444855

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    Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania - Experience the beautiful Delaware River up close and personal with Shawnee River Trips, now open for the 2016 season. The Delaware River offers a peaceful and relaxing experience, which means smooth sailing in a vessel of choice on miles of crystal clear waters. Enjoy the beauty of nature and the calm serenity of the river as it guides boats slowly down the Delaware Water Gap.

    Now with the ice melted and the river temperature slowly creeping back up, Shawnee River Trips announces multiple trips available on Saturdays and Sundays for now and by special reservation during the week. However, they will soon fully expand to weekday trips at the end of May. These excursions on the river offer a one of a kind experience and a chance to get back to nature.

    Shawnee River Trips provide outdoor adventures which include rentals of rafts, single and double kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, canoes, and fishing trips. With the 70,000 acre Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and the historic Delaware River just on the edge of Shawnee’s property, Shawnee River Trips hold the key to adventure.

    Awesome for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts of all types, Shawnee River Trips allows a great way to experience the wild and scenic Delaware River. Whether all day or just a few hours, a trip along the Delaware River creates most memorable moments.

    Shawnee River Trips depart on the hour every hour from 9am to 3pm with canoes, double kayaks, solo kayaks, and rafts available. Additionally, a $15 shuttle serves boat owners wishing to go out onto the Delaware River.

    Please note: All children must be over 4 years of age and weigh at least 40 lbs. Due to transportation restrictions, please book ahead by calling 570-424-4000 x1464. Visit for additional information.

    Editor’s Note: Please follow the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort on Facebook and Twitter We are also on YouTube and Pinterest.

    About The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort:

    The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is conveniently located 70 miles from New York City, 100 miles from Philadelphia, 150 miles from Albany, N.Y. and 200 miles from Washington, D.C. Three airports – Lehigh Valley International, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and Newark International – all are within easy distance of the property.

    The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, rich in breathtaking views, features 80 rooms in the historic Inn, 12 rooms in the Delaware Lodge, six suites and three cottages in Shawnee’s luxury accommodation, the Legacy Collection, plus 6 Glamping tents. Shawnee’s varieties of recreational facilities make it an ideal destination for any event. Choose from Shawnee’s 27-hole championship island golf course, 18-hole Jack Nicklaus course, golf lessons at the Golf Academy, six-hole lighted Chip and Put Course, skiing at Shawnee Mountain, mountain biking, or hiking on the scenic Appalachian Mountain trails, canoeing, rafting, fishing, kayaking, indoor pool, fitness room, tennis, professional theater, and Spa Shawnee and Salon.

    Kaitlyn O’Connor, Marketing Coordinator
    The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort
    Phone: (570) 424-4000

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    Shoe manufacturer and retailer, TOMS started business in 2006, their idea was to donate a pair of shoes for every pair of TOMS sold. Shoes were donated to children in need on a one for one basis. When TOMS started they were a small business with no proper office, over the past ten years they have grown to a global organization and they have opened offices all over the world.

    When TOMS started out in business their main product was canvas shoes which offered complete comfort and a relaxing feel to the feet. TOMS have now expanded their product range. Today, TOMS sell shoes, clothing, bags, sunglasses and accessories for men, women and children. TOMS Founder & Chief Shoe Giver,  Blake Mycoskie tells more about his company, how it all started  and his plans for the future in the below AT&T commercial.

    The retailer have launched a new shoe collection, they say they hope their latest collection the “Election Collection” will encourage American voters to shape the future of their country. The TOMS Shoes’ Election Collection 2016 features a range of canvas sneakers covered in a parade of little red, white & blue Republican elephants or Democratic donkeys.

    For voters who would like something a little smarter TOMS have created blue suede shoes for men or strappy wedges for women. The womens wedges come with tiny donkey and elephant charms, the removable charms hang from the ankle strap of each shoe which enables voters to customize their look. TOMS is also offering canvas tote bags covered with political prints. say, TOMS are comfortable yet trendy casual shoes which give the ultimate comfort to the wearers feet. What is Coupon Code provides its users with 100% valid TOM coupon codes , exclusive coupon, promo and free shipping codes so that they not only enjoy the comfort of TOMS shoes but also save money on their shopping.

    What is Coupon Code
    Website url:

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    The new Orlando based stock video footage platform, has created a new professional tool for video editors, filmmakers, creative teams, and video content creators.

    It's a common postproduction issue that video editors and content creators need more than one clip to cover a single story. Using the traditional stock footage websites is time consuming –and very pricey-, because customers have to search for individual scattered royalty free video clips and pay for them separately. On top of that, these clips will rarely match each other since they were shot different videographers, with different equipment, and different settings.

    With a unique approach at tackling this common issue, B-RollStock has launched a website where contributors can upload royalty free footage to be sold as B-roll packages constituted by 4 to 7 royalty free video clips with a variety of types of shots and angles that cover the same topic.

    As we continue to improve our user experience while listening to every single piece of feedback we get from our contributors, we keep on adding new features that puts us closer to our goal of becoming an experts’ community that encourages networking and business opportunities for everyone. We recently acknowledged the need to offer Editorial licenses and now our contributors can add more material to their portfolios in our website.

    We also noticed that there is extra potential in every B-roll package with 4K resolution, so all of 4K B-roll packages will be converted to HD so that they are available in both versions and have more opportunity to be sold at different prices.

    So, what is B-roll?

    Any time you watch a commercial, TV news report, documentary, Internet video, or any type of video content, 80% of what are you seeing is “B-Roll.” While A-Rolls consist of the action shots that build the plot, B-Roll paints the picture. These are shots of landscapes, locations, and activities, which enhance and illustrate the story that is being told. Examples include Miami beaches, North Pole nighttime landscapes, city night life, and much more. Currently, there is no place to get a good set of b-roll footage bundled into packages. None of the major or minor stock footage websites offer b-roll packages; only separate clips. One b-roll package will be able to cover a story around 3 minutes long, a popular format in today’s media.

    This alternative saves time, money and provides customers with a variety of clips after a single purchase. All clips from the same B-roll package are consistent within each other, so they can fit any production with very little to no adjustments at all.

    Besides building a vast stock footage library, we will also develop an experts’ community of video and filmmakers sorted by all the different contributors’ expertise or the type footage they specialize in. That way, contributors can be easily hired to produce customized B-roll.

    The founders of say,

    “Being filmmakers ourselves, we understand how exhausting it is to spend days looking for new or matching footage and time trying to make them even on post production. This is not to mention the bills you end up with. Right now we are developing the full version platform and plan to finish in 3 months. We produce our own content with our own gear and also engage our first 100 contributors right during development stage. They are our early adaptors and beta testers. We listen to all insights and demand, to make a better product, made by filmmaking professionals for the filmmaking community, such as editors. And we are still collecting them so if you want to join you are more then welcome! For early adapters we offer an unbeatable 70% royalty fee which stays with them for 2 years.”

    Here is what some early bird contributors are saying already:

    “As I see it, offering a package or set of clips for customers makes sense because they get more for their money, which also may result in more sales. For me as an artist this is no loss, because when I shoot at any location, I shoot several sample clips in hope to sell minimum one of the set.”

    “This is a unique approach at tackling a common post production issue. This is great.”

    “It'd be as beneficial for the contributors as the customers, since the package has a lower price than if you buy 3-4 separate clips. The buyer gets more clips for a lower price, and the contributor sells more clips and still earns a little bit more.” has recently partnered with Starter Studio, an accelerated program that provides education, mentorship, legal and financial resources, networking opportunities, and the right culture to help innovative solutions grow. Starter Studio helps entrepreneurs in Central Florida to build and polish the business model, gives them guidance towards finding the right market fit according to the specific needs of each idea. We spent three months with other startup companies studying our audience and executing innovative strategies to improve our brands.

    The market of video content is constantly expanding and the demand is gets bigger and bigger, with b-roll making up 80% of potential usage of $688 million/year audiovisual content market. This specific stock video footage library has space to grow as well. Only 3% of all video stock websites in an $11 billion market are video content so far. The prognosis for stock video footage is $1,2 billion, three times as much as in 2014. SUBMIT FOOTAGE

    Company: B-RollStock
    Address:, Orlando, FL, 2015
    Phone:+ 1(239) 249-9339

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    The creator of the HEL Nordic Urban Bicycle and Skater Helmet , a new helmet designed to focus on safety and comfort, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and distribution funds.  The name comes from the Danish word hel which means "complete" or "unbroken."

    HEL was created for everyday use with high-quality materials and a timeless Scandinavian design.  The helmet is extremely comfortable and is created to not only deliver great performance but to be attractive as well.  The creator notes, "Our mission with HEL is to make the practical bike helmet a natural design element in your everyday lifestyle – just like putting on a coat that goes perfectly with your choice of shoes or matching your outfit with your mood.  In the HEL collection you will find both bold and more subtle color schemes making sure that you can always find a HEL that matches your style; whether you wear it on your way to work or going to that Saturday night out.

    What makes HEL special is its unique Absorptive Brain Buffer System.  The ABBS is a safety feature that uses ground-breaking technology developed by LINN and includes a shock-absorbing component that resides in the EPS lining of the helmet.  ABBS discs absorb impact and rotational energy, transforming them into heat.  This significantly reduces the risk of brain injury from impact.  ABBS is based on the same technology used in high-tech engineering to dampen vibration around sensitive industrial equipment and is also used in American football and ice hockey helmets.

    HEL also includes a changeable visor in two sizes.  The short visor guides airflow to hidden ventilation channels, while the longer visor provides protection from sun and rain.  The circular ventilation system and comfortable, sweat-absorbing material keep the head cool, and the adjustable neck dial and pads ensure a safe and comfortable fit.

    As seen at , pledge levels are available from Kr79 and Kr2,749, with prizes including helmets and visors in a wide range of colors.  For more information on the prizes associated with each pledge level, visit the Kickstarter page.

    About HEL Nordic Urban Bicycle and Skater Helmet:

    The HEL Nordic Urban Bicycle and Skater Helmet is a durable and comfortable safety helmet designed with Scandinavian precision.  The helmet is available in a wide range of colors and styles to fit every personality.  Now, the creator of the HEL Nordic Urban Bicycle and Skater Helmet has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and distribution.

    Contact Person: Kenneth Linnebjerg
    Company: LINN APS
    Address: Århus, Jylland, Denmark

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    REDDAccessories has launched a new hand-Crafted, high-end Custom Jewelry. These fashion forward designs anticipated to be feminine and artistic with a bit of an edge. Many experts have lauded the product for its uniqueness, modernity and originality. The mostly one of a kind designs are expected to be affordable and to be worn everyday or on special occasions, personifying grace of a woman.

    Speaking on the occasion, Morgan the CEO of the company said, “My vision is to create refined statement pieces that are feminine, powerful and tell a modern story. I love to make pieces with a common thread between them so my clients can easily and confidently layer them together for special occasions and diverse looks” She further added, “It is an incredibly humbling experience and proud moment when I hear one of my clients say: I am wearing a Morgan’s.”

    Currently, drawing on its founder’s inspiration and discoveries from around the world, Morgan designs the handmade pieces to capture its international and inclusive beauty. REDD collections have been described as “original,” “modern,” “artistic,” “edgy,” “mystical,” by many of their regular customers, who were quick to point out the contribution Morgan is making in changing the perception of luxury and beauty.

    About REDD Accessories

    REDDAccessories was started as a part-time adventure ~3 years ago & grew in its appeal with unique and stylish pieces. The nature of jewellery to empower, which has stood the test of time for thousands of years, has been an inspiration to the owner of REDDAccessories. Each jewellery piece of REDDaccesories is handmade symbolizing elegance with a personal touch. The line is currently being presented at Anastasia Boutique in Laguna Beach CA, and is ready to expand nationally and internationally.

    Contact Person: Morgan Amirani
    Contact Number: 949.433.3960
    Address: 20 Pointe Monarch , Monarch Beach, CA 92629

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    0 0 is one of the world’s leading providers of best penny stocks. discusses the techniques and strategies used and employed by penny stocks traders in order to find success and fortune in the industry of trading penny stocks. aims to share insightful tips to guide and assist amateur and novice traders who are taking a dip in penny stocks and over the counter boards. has been in the industry for years and has already helped countless of clients to find success in the world of penny stock trading. In connection with the website’s primary goal and mission, continues to strive and help penny stocks traders. emphasizes that even though trading in penny stocks is a cheaper and low-class alternative to the conventional and traditional stock market, it is still possible to become a millionaire in this trade. For instance, Tim Sykes is a teenage multimillionaire who started a venture in the stock trading market by investing and learning the craft of penny stocks. According to, Tim Sykes admit that he is not knowledgeable with regards the roundabouts of penny stocks trading in his first few tries. Thus, Tim Sykes took half of his time learning the bits and pieces of trading. After a few years, Tim Sykes slowly find success and earned his first million. reveals that Tim Sykes is one of the best examples of success when it comes to penny stock trading. In addition to this, iterates that being a penny stock trading multimillionaire is easy as long as the trader, whether novice or professional has the initiative to learn and practice trading.

    About Affordable Stock

    Hello, and welcome to Affordable Stock, your home for the best penny stock picks. We have been helping people just like you succeed in today's market since 1999. We specialize in penny stock picks that will make money for you in the shortest time possible. We only deal in hot penny stocks that are listed on the exchanges.

    We don't deal in "Over The Counter Stocks, "Bulletin Board Stocks" or "Pink Sheet Stocks" which all tend to have more fraud and scam tendencies. We analyze thousands of penny stocks each day to find the ones that are oversold and ready to bounce back. Please check out our history to see for yourself just how good we really are.



    Dimitry Vital

    PR and Marketing @ Affordable Stock

    Email Address:



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    0 0 is a leading advertising agency that aims to help small to large scale businesses to develop and reach a wider range of clientele by focusing on the importance of utilizing omnichannel marketing. reveals that most of the advertising agencies nowadays offer a handful of services that will meet and match the needs and preference of the business owners depending on the category of the business. believes that not all businesses are created equal. Therefore, advertising agencies have to conform to the specific needs of the business. In this manner, the owners of the start-up businesses are imperturbable that the investment made for advertisement and promotional purposes are beneficial.

    Advertising and promoting the products or services offered by a business is a vital part of starting up. Without the aid of promotional advertisements, it will be difficult to introduce the brand and company to the audience and prospect clients. Because of this, encourages the owners of start-up businesses not to avoid hiring the help and assistance that can be provided by an advertising agency. Advertising must be an integral part of the business plan to ensure that the brand will be known to the public.

    According to, the large majority of owners of start-up businesses these days are afraid to invest and hire a professional advertising agency to handle advertisements and promotions of the company. This is due to the common idea that hiring advertising agency is expensive and can wreck havoc the initial capital of start-up businesses. However, believes that it is a falsehood. As a matter of fact, hiring an advertising agency can have a great and positive impact on the start-up businesses.

    About Optikal

    Optikal is an Omni-Channel Marketing Solution that provides true 1:1 human-to-human connection for brands and advertisers who are looking to reach targeted customers across digital, social, mobile, traditional and DRM. Our solution is powered by integrated proprietary technology and database partners that allow us to identify, map, and transmit the business' message to the specific audience on every channel, platform, and device. We utilize our proven methodology to ID your target customers, MAP a journey to drive engagement and conversions, and finally TRANSMIT a unified message. We are not a spray and pray ad agency.



    Dimitry Vital

    PR and Marketing @ Optikal

    Telephone: 323-372-1289

    Email Address:



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    Recently, discovers the rarest Neopian items players are longing for. These items are so rare, users would need a bountiful amount of cash and Neopoints to the extent that they will buy neopoints cheap just to get their hands on these rare items. These items are considered to be rare because most of these items are only one in existence.

    Due to this, which has been the leading supplier of different Neopets, Neopoints and Neopet items sees the importance of sharing this most special knowledge to the users, as they are fully aware that some of these items could cost a fortune and some of it so rare that it can only exist as they dream.

    So without further ado, presents the rarest Neopian items ever existed in the game of Neopets:

    The Darigan Sword of Death, being a rare sword has three sharp blades on its tip that could cut everything and anything even the castle walls. Having the great Darigan Signature, this sword is only given out during the Champions of Meridell plot to only one user. The former owner of this sword has sold the item to a different user and is currently displayed in a Darigan Gallery.

    The Island Attack Fish has been bred as a guardian pet pets which is design to attack anything it does not recognize. Although the item is an attacking fish, it is not a regular Neopet. It is a battle dome weapon that is really powerful. However, this weapon can easily be blocked by different defense items such as the leaf shield. This item goes about 100 Million Neopoints if being sold by a user.

    The 00 Negg. This is said to be the rarest item for it is only one in existence and happens to be worth millions. This great looking Negg is a very sophisticated treat for a special Neopet and Negg faeries would probably do everything just to get their hands on this.

    The Flotato Gloves, this item can be won over Gadgadsbogen Logic Puzzle but only three was given away on its fifth day of running. This rare item is used on the battle dome as it does 7 air icons, block 5 physical icons and 8 physical icons. Although this item seems bulky, users should prepare their Neopoints because this item is really expensive.

    These are only some of the rarest items reveals to the users. As their final message, encourages the users that if they happen to see or have a glimpse of these rare items they should cherish the moment. As they have seen one of the most expensive items in Neopia.

    About is the one-stop shop for Neopets players looking for Neopet items that include paint brushes, avatar items, Battledome weapons, draik eggs, potions, petpets, stamps, stat increasers, and Neopoints package in an unbeatable price. Their staff is top notch and is always open to answering any and all questions that visitors might have. Need to know how to safely receive your purchase? Check their blog or shoot them an email. They are always responding within 24 hours. Oftentimes they will get your email and respond within just a few hours.



    Dimitry Vital

    PR and Marketing @ Neopian Royalty

    Telephone No.: 617-638-9822



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    The Co-Founder and Chief Pet Sitter of Dogma, Ms. Fevi Yu has accepted the challenge of Pet Sitting for FREE to anyone who needs a pet sitter in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC areas.  Ms. Yu has been a pet owner for over 15 years and she is an insured pet sitter with Pet Sitters Associates.  She has been pet sitting for the Dogma Community for the past 6 months while developing a prototype in beta.  The Dogma Team has adjusted a few online services because of her personal experiences with pets and their owners.  Its been a great learning experience and now that the Team is slowly inching their way out of beta, they are currently promoting the site and Ms. Yu has taken on the challenge of pet sitting for 1,000 times for FREE for Dogma Members.  All you need to do is Register, post your pet sitting request and wait. She will accept your request within 48 hours and if she doesn’t its only because she’s already booked for those dates so hurry, book her now and then book your well-deserved vacation and you won’t have to worry about your pets. Whether you have 1 or 5, Ms. Yu  has 7 of her own pets so she knows how to care for your pets in the best possible way. You wont have to worry about them while you are away as Ms. Yu will send you a daily photo and updates.  She might even teach them new tricks!  Here is more information about her service:

    Free Boarding — Ms. Yu lives in Fauquier County and will use the 4 empty rooms in her house to board your pets.  Photo is one of the empty rooms she will be using to board your pets for free.  More information about FREE Pet Boarding.  Please use ourcontact form to contact Ms. Yu directly for any questions or clarifications.

    Free House Sitting — As long as you have WiFi, Ms. Yu is open to staying in your house to pet sit for your pack.  She is the owner of a web development business so she can essentially work from anywhere as long as there is WiFi.

    Free House Visits — Ms. Yu can make sure your pets are doing well while you are gone by visiting them daily in your homes.  Please make sure you provide detailed information of all your pets so she understands their needs.

    Since Ms. Yu is an insured Pet Sitter, you can rest assure that she’s serious about caring for your furry babies in the same way that she does hers.   Here is more information about Ms. Fevi Yu and if you want to book her, please Register for Dogma.

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    0 0 has been renounced as one of the leading private social app today. This is highly proven by its loyal clients who are using the application for a more intimate online sharing experience. According to, this act is normal because the majority of people engaged with social media are already turned off with the different social platforms openness.

    With the use of a private social app such as, families do not only attain privacy but they also take place in minimizing the issues of over-sharing that is frequently committed by their teens. Yes, this is the truth, from the recent studies, it is found that 52% of teens engaged with social networking are posting risky information online and only 20% of them are wary with their privacy settings.

    Although it is a natural instinct for teens to post online, their negligence often leads to serious issues which concern their own life, family’s safety and security. That is why highly recommends the use of their private social app especially for families with teens. But, is also knowledgeable that teens are old enough to decide about their life and the way they use social media. That is why shares some of their knowledge on how teens can avoid over-sharing:

    •    Try Sharing with True Friends

    As they feel that they have to share something, they are advised to share it with the people they truly trust. If they cannot control themselves in posting something online, they should not say something online that they will never say offline. Being online does not really make them anonymous.

    •    Consider turning OFF Location Based Applications

    Teens may not understand its importance yet but according to Bebler, their location is an easy giveaway for the people who are thinking of doing something wrong to them or their family.

    •    Update Settings Regularly does not really mean on a regular basis, it could take place at least once every three months. This could take place if they set a reminder that they have to check their profiles on their different social media platforms.

    About Bebler

    Bebler is a new and exciting social network application that is built from the ground up and is focused on bringing family, friends and loved ones closer for free. It allows its users to post their favorite quotes, locations and photos without limit in ways that its users never thought possible.



    Dimitry Vital

    PR and Marketing @ Bebler

    Email Address:

    Telephone no: 514-421-9494


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    Media Contact



    Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary, by Erich Martin Hicks, was a cigar smoking, shotgun and pistol toting Negro Woman of the Wild West, who could knock out any man with one punch. A piece of historical fiction that is a must read!

    “A fantastic novel, of a great American heroine’s life.” 5 Star Review – Tariano (Tito) Jackson, The Jackson 5

    For Immediate Release – (Woodland Hills, CA – May 4th, 2016) Erich Martin Hicks’s Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary is unlike any other story you've read about Mary Fields. This fictionalized story has been dramatically enhanced for your entertainment pleasures; however, 'most' of the stories--and the outcomes within this novel--are historically genuine.


    Mary was 6 feet tall, and weighed over 200 pounds, and was the second woman in 'history' to carry the U. S. Mail, and the only 'Negro', for hundreds and hundreds of miles when she first arrived in Montana.


    This feature story covers Mary's colorful life, from the plantation where she was born a slave in 1832, to the famous Steamboat race between the "Robert E. Lee" and the "Natchez" on the Mississippi River, to her death in Cascade, Montana, 1914.


    Dedicated to exploring the history of African-Americans/Blacks and shattering stereotypes, Erich Hick's Alpha Wolf Productions, Inc. has developed a feature film documentary, Soul on a Wave which exposes the life and times of surfers of color.  Erich’s first novel, Rescue at Pine Ridge, was released in December 2008.  The novel is a historical narrative, depicting the all-Black 9th Calvary.  Known as the US military's famed 'Buffalo Soldiers', which helped settle the American West in the late 1800's. Erich has completed an accompanying screenplay for a TV mini-series, Trilogy, and Epic Feature, and has garnered support from some of HOLLYWOOD'S acclaimed Industry Producers/Directors/and Actors. 


    Amazon 5 Stars - The author did a tremendous job in getting facts about her life. This no doubt needs to be made into a movie or a mini-series. This book also should be placed in the educational system so history can be told how times were during slavery and post slavery.


    Amazon 5 Stars - A story of a real, amazing woman who was the first Black woman to work for the U.S. Postal Service following the Civil War. The author takes us back to Mary's childhood as a slave, and builds the story of how she overcame violent reactions to her color and size, and how so many came to love and respect her. It is a fascinating read. 


    Visit Amazon and GoodReads for additional reviews!


    Please visit the webpage for more information at: and for a comprehensive resume at

    Genre – Mary Fields, Mail, African American, Black History, Montana, Stagecoach, Outlaws, Cowboys, Postal System, Historical, 1914, 1832

    The ebook version of Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary Book  ISBN 9781506901022, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 202 page print book version, ISBN 9781506901015 and Hard Copy 9781506901657 are published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.


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    Christian Okoye

    (909) 481-3541







    MORONGO Casino Resort & Spa, Cabazon, CA (June 26th, 2016) - The California Sports Hall of Fame will induct its Class of 2016 members featuring seven California sports legends, Ronnie Lott, Ralph Lawler, Christian Okoye, Dr Frank Jobe, Lindsay Davenport, Jim Fox and Fernando Valenzuela. The 10th annual Induction Ceremony is scheduled on Sunday, June 26th  4:00 p.m., at the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa, Cabezon, CA. 


    “We are proud to continue our tradition of recognizing incredible Californians who have made outstanding contributions at the highest level in sports,” said Christian Okoye, Founder, California Sports Hall of Fame. “The Class of 2016 truly embodies what sports is all about and we are excited to honor them during this special evening”. The Class of 2016 was selected by a special committee, comprised of past California Sports Hall of Fame inductees and celebrity athletes, for their outstanding contributions to the world of sports in California and/or their ties to the state.


    Many former inductees and sports celebrities have been invited to attend and participate in an auction featuring rare sports memorabilia. They will meet and greet guests and help welcome the Class of 2016. Invited past inductees include California sports celebrities such as Dick Vermeil, Eric Dickerson, Tommy Lasorda, Dan Fouts, Bill Walton, Jackie Slater, Mike Powell, Tom Flores, Marcus Allen, Cheryl Miller, Karch Kiraly and many more. Proceeds will benefit student athletes.


    About California Sports Hall of Fame

    The California Sports Hall of Fame, founded in 2006, has a mission to capture the passion children and young adults have for sports and direct that energy to enhance their educational and personal goals. Through the organization’s efforts and resources, the California Sports Hall of Fame supports and promotes education and sports for underprivileged children and young adults.


    For more information on the California Sports Hall of Fame, to purchase tickets and/or media access, please contact the California Sports Hall of Fame at: 

    Phone: (909) 481-3541 



    Mailing address: PO Box 9323, Alta Loma, CA 91701.


    # # #

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