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    Dear Media Professional,

    This message is extremely important. Please forward it to everyone appropriate to become active in the \"New American Mastermind\" in your office.

    This is your invitation to become part of the most important thing \"We The People\" have done since the Founding Fathers created America almost 239 years ago.

    Through \"We Are Rebuilding America\", we\'re getting all 320.7 million Americans focused on three things:

    1. Rebuilding greatness in their own lives.

    2. Helping others rebuild greatness in their lives.

    3. All of us working together to rebuild the greatness in our country, which still is \"The American Destiny\".

    To do that, we\'re re-activating the American Mastermind, and asking that your news staff and management actively participate in fulfilling this Vision.

    We\'re getting *everyone* in America focused on rebuilding greatness -- \"No American left behind\" -- this Fourth of July.

    Think about this -- what could be a better way to celebrate Independence Day than... every American actively making their lives great... fulfilling their life purpose... living their goals, desires and dreams... and becoming financially free and independent as a result?

    Because you\'re such a great Person of Influence, we need you actively fulfilling this Vision with us. So go to and formally join the New American Mastermind.

    You may have missed the news about the Original American Mastermind, although it was important -- if not pivotal -- in pulling the country out of the depression, through similar People of Influence actively working together to change the national focus just as we\'re now beginning to do.

    Back then, President Roosevelt asked Napoleon Hill to organize the media, elected officials on both sides of the isle, celebrities and heads of industry to get people hoping, then dreaming, then believing... then investing again.

    Our work together now is much more important than it was back in the 1930s. And it\'s so much easier to reach tens of millions of people, fast.

    It\'s more important, because the Original American Mastermind successfully helped get Americans unstuck, dreaming again, and moving forward.

    Whereas the New American Mastermind -- with your help... through your dedicated commitment and active involvement...

    We\'re \"Empowering the People\" and getting them taking responsibility for their success and well-being.

    And making sure they\'re focusing on fulfilling their potential, achieving their goals, desires and dreams... and Rebuilding Greatness, in their lives, in others\' lives, and within America herself!

    All of this is vitally important now.

    You\'ve no doubt seen and heard all the talk about the U.S. dollar losing its status as world reserve currency and the weight of the crushing debt causing the economy to collapse.

    So far people seem to just have accepted what they\'re even calling \"the end of America\".

    With your help, however, we\'re renewing people\'s belief -- in themselves, in their neighbors, in their communities... and in America as a whole.

    I don\'t know about you, although I\'m not letting America die, and the whole system collapse --- \"Not on MY watch!\"

    How about you...!?

    Join us in the New American Mastermind at right now. And get all People of Influence in your company working with us... as we are rebuilding the greatness within every last one of us, and making sure America regains her greatness... fulfilling \"The American Destiny\"!

    # # #

    Dan Klatt
    Box 119, Sedona, AZ 86339

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    The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to have a beneficial effect on heart health, but many North Americans and Europeans still eat a diet high in saturated fat and unhealthy foods.  This may be partially due to the difficulty in obtaining good Mediterranean food at low prices.  Now, the creator of a new organization designed to bring quality Mediterranean delicacies to customers in their own homes has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for this new venture.

    By creating an eshop that ships quality Mediterranean food with no minimum order quantity, super fast delivery and much more competitive prices, including shipping fees, than those found in other stores, the vendor is helping anyone who wants to eat a healthy diet to do so at minimal cost.

    Offering both e-retail and e-wholesale options, the new shop will send food directly to the clients' doorsteps via a completely automated system.  Shipping is also included in the price of every order.  Offering not only great food but instruction via an ebook on eating Mediterranean, the creators of the IndieGoGo campaign, located at , allow users to learn everything necessary to eat healthy

    The IndieGoGo campaign offers a variety of perks based on combinations of Mediterranean food connected with various pledge levels.  For information on each pledge level and the perks associated with it, visit the IndieGoGo page.

    Contact Person: Vasilis Angelakis
    Company: Mediterranean ECommerce Food & Beverage ltd
    Address: Dublin, Ireland
    Phone: +353 1 5134820

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    Powerhouse Female Director, Arlene Bogna's indie film The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam continues its journey to cinema screens in the Pacific Northwest at the 8th Annual Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in Washington State this August 2015. Columbia Gorge was started by Angaelica- a non-profit organization rooted in the arts and ecology. They connect artists and collaborators to help bring exposure to unique and extraordinary projects, and enhance the power of storytelling. Arlene Bogna is a Powerful Female Voice in independent filmmaking today and gaining well deserved attention in the movie industry and film director communities. She is part of the "Support Women Filmmakers" movement and is in the Alliance of Women Directors, the only non-profit organization solely dedicated to education, support and advocacy for women directors in the entertainment industry.

    Arlene's production company, Vista Point Pictures in association with Jowharah Films is honored to have The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam as an Official Selection at film festivals worldwide, and in 2015 is selected to be in Cinewomen Cahiers. The U.S. Premiere of this Arlene Bogna Film began May 31st, 2014 at Dances With Films Festival in the Chinese Theater, Hollywood, California. The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam made its debut screening on May 16th, 2014 to an enthusiastic reception at the Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner in Cannes, France. The filmmakers experience in France, provided them with a coveted filmmakers’ accreditation to the Cannes Film Festival; they were able to network at the Marché du Film, as well as the International Village with global financiers and distributors. Arlene's short film was official selection at FILMETS Badalona Festival and Madrid International Film Festival, Spain, during the Fall Season 2014.

    The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam captivates an audience of young and old alike, transporting you into the Wild Wild West with the inspiring mystical story of a desert traveler, inventor, alchemist and magical elixir salesman in pursuit of redemption. Emerging Filmmaker and Director, Arlene Bogna, had a unique vision for her undeniably daring, artistic and harmonious cast of actors to portray many emotional states of mind without words and to explore the meaning of trust, divine inspiration and the belief of redemption, relying solely on subtext and visuals. The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam pays tribute to Sergio Leone’s “Spaghetti Western” genre through the film’s moments-in-between-moments with the actors and frontier cinematography. The film, shot entirely on location outside of Joshua Tree, California, also is an ode to famous director, Michelangelo Antonioni, with its remote scenery of the desert wilderness reflecting Snake Oil Sam’s inner struggles. The director Bogna says, “Our film crew went on a desert camping adventure, braving all the elements together as a strong tribe, in order to make it all happen!” It features the music of Los Angeles psychedelic rock band, West Indian Girl, from their latest album Shangri-La. The film’s original score is by Acclaimed film composer, Vivek Maddala. The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam stars Zane Byrdy, Gladys Nyoth, Gabriel Voss, Cristina Balmores, and Eva Zeva.

    While soaking up picturesque desert scenery, fantasy characters and frontier-dream images with a hippy like vibe is a story told mostly with no dialogue but only distinct emotional events. Truly a work of art, this Arlene Bogna Film will make your creative imagination soar and open it up to your own interpretation. The themes in the film keep you thinking about big life questions of trust; redemption and what will Snake Oil Sam do next? Hungry for more? The filmmaker purposely did this to bring in the character of Snake Oil Sam as a cameo in her next feature western, Amaryllis Bang! Bang! The director envisions her upcoming film productions to convey sweeping epic vistas, mind-blowing moments, and colorful dynamic shots. Arlene Bogna is ready to take this show on the road, and she already is.

    “With its cool score, far-out set design, hip style and striking cinematography, The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam struck our judges as an upbeat and offbeat wallop of fun. We’re honored to screen it in our lineup. Best of luck for you continued success!” New Hope Film Festival Chairman, Doug Whipple. "Dances With Films is thrilled to present the exciting, exotic, hallucinogenic trip of the Wild Wild West from the highly creative mind of director/writer, Arlene Bogna and Producers, Romell Foster-Owens & Anthony Ferranti Jr., to the Hollywood Industry. An exciting envisioning of a story untold, this production promises a story that yearns to uncoil.” Dances With Films Fest Co-Founder, Leslee Scallon

    The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam was an official selection and nominated for 4 Awards at the 2014 Madrid International Film Festival for: Best Short Film, Best Director of a Short Film, Best Music in Film and Best Costume. Bogna is planning to get international distribution of this film, on cable and digitally. View all film updates at  Watch the trailer on Vimeo at

    For media inquiries and interview opportunities, Contact:
    Nicolette J. Fontaine, Publicist/Social Media Manager at Discovery Media & Marketing
    Office tel. 561.302.7782
    Los Angeles, California, United States
    Twitter @DiscoveryMM

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    Los Angeles, California - There are many homeowners who come across financial difficulties in life and fail to make timely mortgage payments. Credit companies don't like the payment defaulters and they try to foreclose on properties to ensure their profitability. This is the reason why people face foreclosure and often remain clueless about coming out of the problem. All homeowners that are facing foreclosures in California can now take advantage of the expert legal assistance provided by Consumer Action Law Group. The Group has a team of expert foreclosure attorneys who know the brand new laws in California and how to stop foreclosure through use of these laws.

    A  foreclosure attorney  of the firm uncovers, "A lot of the time, lenders are disobeying California's Homeowner's Bill of Rights by foreclosing on a home while the borrower is in loan modification review. The lender must provide the borrower with a written denial before moving forward with a foreclosure. A lot of the time, this legal procedure is never followed."

    Stopping foreclosure  is one of the main topics the foreclosure attorneys in the firm educate homeowners about and answer questions on. Foreclosure is a frantic and upsetting time and people tend to want to know exactly what a foreclosure is. We educate people about the consequences of foreclosure and provided them with the precise solution to ideally avoid it. We will assess the financial and legal aspects of a mortgage and plan a strategy for homeowners to come out of the problem. This may include reducing high interest rates and negotiating with the creditor to fix an affordable mortgage payment."

    A  foreclosure attorney  of the firm points out that "especially in this economy, unfortunately it has become more common for homeowners to struggle making high mortgage payments that have high or fluctuating interest rates, instead of a low fixed rate." The inability to make mortgage payments or making sporadic payments here and there may make the homeowner vulnerable to the foreclosure process. A borrower could apply to literally give their home back to their lender, otherwise known as a deed in lieu of foreclosure. This is an option for the borrower to avoid foreclosure altogether.

    The foreclosure attorneys of Consumer Action Law Group have helped many homeowners  avoid home foreclosures  in California. They prepare and file a lawsuit and pursue the matter in court for homeowners to receive the best remedy under California law. From negotiating settlements to devising legal strategies, Consumer Action Law Group offers the best services in protecting the interests of homeowners in California.

    Homeowners who want to take advantage of foreclosure defense may visit  or call (818) 254-8413.

    About Consumer Action Law Group

    Consumer Action Law Group is a law firm dedicated to help consumers in consumer-related matters or consumers that experienced fraud and scam. Attorneys in the team are knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of eliminating debt, mortgages fraud, auto fraud, and foreclosures. They have direct experience in consumer fraud matters and helping consumers who are facing financial crisis, foreclosure, issues with employers, and problems with auto dealers.

    For Media Inquiries
    Contact Person: Lauren Rode, Esq.
    Telephone: (818) 254-8413

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    Sample Library Review has released it's July Demo Round Up video ( Demo Round Up is monthly series hosted by composer Don Bodin. In the Demo Round Up video, which runs about 6 minutes in length, Bodin recaps the demo music released by composers and developers that showcases the latest software instrument to hit the market.

    Demo Round Up series was created because there is no better way to hear the quality and expressiveness of a new virtual instrument and sample library than to put it in the hands of a capable composer and listen to their musical creations. Demo Round Up tracks are selected from publicly released music that make it on to the Sample Library Review staff's radar.


    “I’ve waded through Youtube and trade forums and I knew there had to be a better way to stay informed of the latest music production tools."  stated host and creator of , Don Bodin,   "I started the Demo Round up and Sample Library Review because when I am busy composing I don't have the time to find out about all the new software instrument releases, so I knew other composers must have the same dilemma.”

    The July 2015 episode showcases the sample instruments: Gravity Modern Scoring Tools from Heavyocity, Pearl Concert Grand from Impact Soundworks, Cinematic Guitars Inifinity by Sample Logic, Sherddage Drums from Impact Soundworks, Doudouk from Ethnaudio, Apollo Cinematic Guitars from Vir2 Instruments, Cloud Cell by Sound-Dust, Humdrum from Modwheel,  Tutti Vox Cinematic Choir from Sonokinetic and Clara's Vocal by Stefano Maccarelli with music composed by Ari Winters, Blake Ewing, Rod Abernethy, Danny Baranowsky & FamilyJules7x, Jonathan Sharp  Stefano Maccarelli and Sascha Knorr.

    About Sample Library Review

    Sample Library Review is a music production blog that posts reviews, tutorials and news for music producers and composers. The website was created as a resource to learn and evaluate computer aided music production tools by award winning composer Don Bodin in May 2015.

    Since it's genisis the Sample Library Review has quickly grown to over 1,200 posts receiving nearly 6,000 views. Presently, Sample Library Review is partnering with software instrument developers and is making new video walkthroughs, reviews and audio demos. Don Bodin is a music composer for television, film, commercials, and interactive video.

    "Sample Library Review is quite simply a phenomenal resource for composers, sound designers & students." stated Composer Lance Hayes,  (Forza Motorsport, Gears of War, Xbox Kinect Fitness)  "If you want to know more about new sound collections, demos or to find out about overlooked gems, this is the site for you!.”

    About Don Bodin

    Don Bodin is an Award Winning Composer specializing in creating original music for documentaries, films, television, video games and advertising campaigns. Bodin has delivered over 100 tracks for advertising clients, has music in over forty Television shows broadcast around the world, won the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Award for ‘Best Score for a Commercial Advertisement’ and has recently received for 4 IMA (Independent Music Awards) Nominations.

    "I’ve been waiting for a dedicated, all-in-one resource like this! Sample Library Review is now on my bookmark bar to keep up on all the latest releases, reviews, and info." states Andrew Aversa, Co-Founder Impact Soundworks

    Contact Person:  Adam Sample
    Contact Number: (262) 372-6753
    Address: 1000 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga, CA 90290
    Email id:

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    Those who do day-to-day Binary trading may be interested in the news that Titan Trade Capital launches the School of Binary for them. According to Titan Trade, these traders can increase their profits by learning from this school.

    The company adds that they, being a leader within the Binary options trading community, offer things that other peer companies simply cannot. The company was founded in 2010 and since then, they have been gathering a lot of experience within the financial fields and markets that include Binary options. So, they know what they are doing, they add.

    Titan Trade takes pride in asserting that they are dedicated to making sure that the trading experience of those who sign up with them is simple and enjoyable. Clients can make their deposits through one of the many options the company offers and begin trading using their quick and easy platform on which they can select a good number of  assets, contract lengths and investments.

    Clients can use all these resources to turn a quick profit till they feel it is time to make a safe and secure withdrawal of their funds. Further, the company has got professional brokers for helping and guiding clients along in every step they take, irrespective of the size of their investment, says Titan Trade. They will provide online tools also for helping the clients become a better trader so they can achieve their goals very quickly. Simply put, if clients choose them, they are making a good choice for their future.

    Titan Trade further adds that they are committed to making day-to-day trading operations easier and enjoyable and at the same time, they do not ignore the basics of this sensitive field. That is why they are assuring their clients that they will take care of their money by using the top safety measures available, verify their investments in a timely fashion, and strive to be quick with any request clients may have. In short, they are doing their best to ensure complete satisfaction of their clients throughout the process. Launching the School of Binary For Traders is a another important step for satisfying their clients.

    They add that they are always available to  answer the queries of their clients and so, they urge these clients to contact them via Email, Live chat or Phone for all types of assistance.

    About Titan Trade Capital

    Titan Trade Capital, a leader within the Binary options trading community, launches the School of Binary for the benefit of those who do day-to-day binary trading. Those traders who sign up with them can increase their profits by learning from this school. Titan Trade is dedicated to making sure that the trading experience of those who sign up with them is simple and enjoyable.

    For Media Contact:
    Titan Trade Capital
    Address: Global Gateway 8, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles
    Contact Number: +44 2036088333
    Email ID:

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    Macomb, MI –  Grand Home Design announced the launch of its new website to assist individuals with their home improvement, repair and design projects. The site offers homeowners a free resource on how to address common household issues, upgrade any room in the home, enhance the exterior, and create lush green spaces.

    Something as simple as a new coat of paint can liven up the appearance of a room, but many homeowners fail to do so due to fear. They lack confidence in their ability to select a suitable color or perform the painting with any degree of professionalism. Grand Home Design offers tips on calming colors, taking advantage of lighting opportunities, and utilizing unique architectural elements.

    Grand Home Design interior home improvement provides visitors with tips and information on choosing colors for bedrooms to create a specific décor, the types of finishes available, and how to accessorize often overlooked items ranging from light switches to fixtures and furnishings. Ceilings offer an additional outlet for creativity that’s examined on the website.

    The appearance of a home’s exterior is essential for maintaining property values. Hiring a professional painter can cost thousands of dollars, but homeowners can experience significant savings by doing it themselves. Grand Home Design exterior home improvement provides the information needed on primers, preparatory repairs and techniques for a professional looking job. The site offers tips on using paintbrushes, rollers and how to address trim work.

    Yards and landscapes are an integral part of homes and even the smallest green spaces are important. Grand Home Design provides tips on choosing the appropriate type of grass for specific locations, including drought tolerant varieties that thrive under virtually any condition. Advice is also available for those want to grow tomatoes in their green areas.

    From concrete resurfacing and roof repair to finishing basements and deck restorations, Grand Home Design provides homeowners with information, advice and tips on how to improve their properties inside and out for significant savings. A host of home improvement projects can be completed by homeowners and Grand Home Design provides the information needed to accomplish them.

    How to paint a house, drought tolerate glass, tips on growing tomatoes

    For more information, call 586-719-0356 or visit Grand Home Design online.

    About the Company:

    Grand Home Design provides homeowners with a one-stop resource for performing common home improvement projects, restorations and repairs quickly and easily, without prior experience or specialized knowledge.

    Media Contact:

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    Myspoonlist is a website that allows users to track their life goals and accomplishment and share them worldwide with a community of supportive friends.  Users can track their own goals individually as well as find friends to help them complete their goals.  On the website, they can watch videos and share in the real-life stories of others who have set a goal and are working to achieve it or who have reached their special goals.

    Myspoonlist is the future of goals-based communities and like-minded people who want to share in their friends' "bucket lists" and help them achieve their dreams.  Friends can support each other easily, share their stories and locate resources to help them with their own spoon lists on this easy-to-use website.  When implemented, the website will become a resource for those around the world who want to live life to the fullest, make new friends and connect with like-minded people to achieve their fondest wishes.

    The website is currently in a rudimentary prototype form with Java/JSF and MySQL ready for launch.  The creators need the help of Java developers and UI designers to professionally implement the code and launch the website live.  The creators have now launched a Kickstarter campaign, located at , to help them raise the funds to do so. The Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels ranging from €1 to €2,500 and prizes ranging from t-shirts to access to exclusive new beta versions of the website.  For more information on specific prizes associated with various pledge levels, visit the Kickstarter page.

    About Myspoonlist:

    Myspoonlist is a new website that allows those with goals to connect with others who will support them in achieving those dreams.  The creators of this website have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development and implementation of this useful resource.

    Contact Person: Patrick Kuglmeier
    Company: websolute4u
    Address: Straubing, Bavaria, Germany
    Phone: +49 15111539717

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    Melanie Martinez concert tickets for her 2015 tour dates are on sale now for cities like Charlotte, Columbus, and Santa Cruz. Trusted secondary ticket market provider is providing Melanie Martinez fans with a promo code CITY5 to save an additional 5% on all orders. carries a wide selection of Melanie Martinez tickets at affordable prices. Melanie Martinez is hitting the road in 2015 and kicking it all off on August 26th in Charlotte, NC.

    Martinez will be out in support of her new album which drops in August, Cry Baby.

    CLICK HERE to browse all levels of seating for Melanie Martinez concerts at

    There isn't an event you will see this year that has the same exciting atmosphere as a live Melanie Martinez concert. already offers slashed ticket prices on all their ticket inventory. You can save an additional percentage off by using promo code provided.

    Follow on Social Media for Special Deals and Discounts


    2015 Melanie Martinez Tour Dates

    Aug. 26 – Charlotte, N.C.,  Amos’ SouthEnd
    Aug. 27 – Nashville, Tenn., High Watt
    Aug. 29 – Atlanta, Ga., Vinyl At Center Stage
    Aug. 30 – Orlando, Fla., The Social
    Sept. 1 – Raleigh, N.C., Lincoln Theatre
    Sept. 2 – Howell, N.J., Gamechanger World
    Sept. 3 – Cambridge, Mass., The Sinclair
    Sept. 9 – Philadelphia, Pa., World Cafe Live
    Sept. 10 – New Haven, Conn., College Street Music Hall
    Sept. 11 – New York, N.Y., HighLine Ballroom
    Sept. 13 – Washington, D.C. U Street Music Hall
    Sept. 14 – Cleveland, Ohio, House Of Blues - Cambridge Room
    Sept. 15 – Pittsburgh, Pa., Stage AE
    Sept. 16 – Columbus, Ohio, A & R Music Bar
    Sept. 18 – Detroit, Mich., Shelter
    Sept. 20 – Chicago, Ill., Lincoln Hall
    Sept. 21 – Minneapolis, Minn., Triple Rock Social Club
    Sept. 28 – West Hollywood, Calif., Troubadour
    Sept. 29 – Santa Cruz, Calif., The Catalyst
    Sept. 30 – San Francisco, Calif., Great American Music Hall
    Oct. 3 – Portland, Ore., Hawthorne Theatre
    Oct. 4 – Seattle, Wash., The Crocodile
    Oct. 6 – Denver, Colo., Larimer Lounge
    Oct. 7 – Denver, Colo., Larimer Lounge
    Oct. 9 – Kansas City, Mo., The Record Bar
    Oct. 10 – St. Louis, Mo., Off Broadway Nightclub
    Oct. 12 – Dallas, Texas, House Of Blues
    Oct. 15 – New Orleans, La., House Of Blues
    Oct. 16 – Birmingham, Ala., Saturn
    Oct. 18 – Greensboro, N.C., Blind Tiger
    Live Customer Support
    Order By Phone Toll Free 7 Days a Week
    (855) 514-5624

    Browse the inventory of tickets for Melanie Martinez at today and save!

    Disclaimer: is not associated with any artists, teams, venues, organizations, institutions, bands, or artists featured on their website in any way. Also, any names or titles used in this press release are solely for descriptive purposes and do not imply, indicate, or suggest any type of affiliation, partnership, or endorsement. is a reliable online marketplace serving the secondary market with tickets for all major concerts, sports, and theatre events. Online shoppers can take advantage of Promo Code “CITY5” while tickets last.

    Check out the discount codes online for all upcoming events. keeps low overheads which allow this trusted ticket site to keep prices competitive | Live Customer Support | Order By Phone Toll Free | 7:00am-1:00am EST | (855) 514-5624

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                              

    Publicity Contact: Joanne Minutillo, 212-207-7224,


    By James Lilliefors

    Praise for James Lilliefors’ Bowers and Hunter Series:

    “Bowers and Hunter...are unforgettable: Mr. Lilliefors has given readers two fine, original characters...a distinctive setting that readers will be happy to revisit; and tense, machine-tooled plotting that astonishes.”   

    — Florida Weekly

    “Combine a terrific, offbeat pair of sleuths and a fresh setting and you have a real winner in “The Psalmist” by James Lilliefors.”   

    — Connecticut Post

    THE TEMPEST (Witness Impulse, on sale 7/28/2015, $5.99 E-Book, Trade Paperback, $11.99; ISBN 13: 9780062349712) by James Lilliefors is the second book in a deftly written series featuring Pastor Luke Bowers and Detective Amy Hunter.  Lilliefors is a journalist and novelist who grew up near Washington DC and now resides in Florida. 

    Susan Champlain was one of the summer people, the seasonal visitors who each year made Tidewater County’s cash registers sing. But when Susan pays Pastor Luke Bowers a visit, he's disturbed by what she shares with him.

    Her husband has a short temper, she says, and recently threatened to make her "disappear" because of a photo Susan took on her phone.

    Luke is concerned enough to tip off Tidewater County's chief homicide investigator, Amy Hunter. That night, Susan's body is found at the foot of the Widow's Point bluff. Hunter soon discovers Susan left behind clues that may connect her fate to a series of killings in the Northeast, a powerful criminal enterprise, and to a missing Rembrandt masterpiece, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee.

    Whoever is behind the killings has created a storm of deception and betrayal, a deliberate "tempest" designed to obscure the truth. Now Hunter and Bowers must join forces to trace the dangerous secret glimpsed in Susan's photo. But will they be the next targets on a killer's deadly agenda . . . ?

    THE TEMPEST is written with great detail and intelligence, the characters are intriguing, the plot is fast-paced and the setting in Maryland’s Tidewater County is beautiful and evocative. Lilliefors has delivered a gripping addition to the Bowers and Hunter series, and will leave readers clamoring for more.


    By James Lilliefors

    Witness/William Morrow

    On sale July 28, 2015

    E-Book: $5.99/Trade Paperback: $11.99

    ISBN 13:  9780062349712

    About the Author:

    James Lilliefors is the author of the geopolitical thriller novels The Leviathan Effect and Viral. A journalist and novelist who grew up near Washington DC, Lilliefors is also the author of three nonfiction books. He writes the Luke Bowers and Amy Hunter series for Witness. You can connect with James @

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    Vistage Chair Dan Guglielmo of Walpole, MA has launched a new chief executive group in the Boston, MA market.


    Guglielmo will lead the new group, which brings senior executives and business owners together to meet monthly to discuss business issues, share expertise, and provide each other with confidential help to achieve their goals. He joins a Vistage community of more than 300 members locally and 800 Chairs globally who lead local area groups; these groups total nearly 20,000 members in 16 countries.


    This new Boston Vistage group, which presently has a dozen senior executive members and is on track to increase to 16 members over the next several months, will meet monthly at various Greater Boston locations and is part of a network of 27 such Groups in the local area.


    Vistage Regional Executive/Senior Vice President Phillip C. Thomas said, “We congratulate Dan on the launch of his first group.” He added, “Due to our longstanding business relationships, I am especially proud to have Dan as part of the Boston area Vistage Chair community!  We thank Dan for his passion, energy, and drive to launch this group in such a short time and welcome him aboard!”


    About Dan Guglielmo

    Guglielmo is well known in the Boston business community.  His resume includes 30 years’ experience as a wealth manager. He is the founder and President of Trust Design, a Walpole, MA firm that works principally with CEOs and company founders of privately held businesses. And, as one of the founders of the Exit Planning Exchange (XPX) and the Owners’ Academy, based out of Babson College, he was drawn to Vistage as a natural extension of what he has done throughout his professional career.


    “It was a meeting with Vistage Senior Vice President Phillip Thomas that led me to pursue becoming a Chair”, he said.  Ironically, he noted, “I met with Phil initially to see how I could become a speaker before a Vistage group. I had just published a book on succession planning called ‘Wolves Change Rivers.’  As a result of our discussion, I felt very strongly drawn to Vistage and the idea of becoming a Chair.”


    His new Vistage group includes members across a wide range of industries, including wealth management, medical information, medical technology, molecular diagnostics, bar code consumer products, inventory control, data security, geriatric care, and non-profits.  The companies range in revenue from $15 million to $100 million, and employee counts ranging from 12 up to 200.


    Guglielmo, who was a finance attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Enforcement prior to his work in the wealth management field, is a fourth generation entrepreneur. His great grandfather, Santos, came to the United States from Italy and started a local grocery store/butcher shop. His grandfather, Pancho, was an engineer/builder credited with helping to create the stick building process in Arizona. Guglielmo’s Dad, Robert, is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in restaurants, real estate development, and other businesses.


    Guglielmo earned his undergraduate degree from Colorado College and his law degree from Arizona State and serves on the Board of Directors of NFTE, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, an organization with a mission to provide programs that inspire young people from low-income communities to stay in school, to recognize business opportunities and to plan for successful futures.


    To reach Dan Guglielmo and learn more about the Vistage group he chairs, please contact him at


    About Vistage International 

    Founded in 1957 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Vistage creates and facilitates private advisory boards for CEOs, senior executives, business owners, and professional advisors. Vistage members participate in monthly, Chair-led private advisory board meetings.  Nearly 20,000 members in 16 countries have access to one-to-one executive coaching, expert speakers, and a global network of business leaders.


    Vistage is looking to add members and groups in New England and is interested in speaking with individuals who may be interested in exploring the potential of becoming a Vistage member or a group Chair.  For further information, contact Phillip Thomas at 617.932.1064 or





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    July 9, 2015 - Beaverton, Oregon -- In a recent article posted on the National Public Radio website, the marijuana use of the men of the Aka tribe in the Congo was the topic of discussion. According to the author of the article, the men in this tribe smoke more marijuana than any other group in the world, with 70% of its men using marijuana on a daily basis.

    When interviewing the male members of the tribe, the author discovered that they view the use of marijuana as a performance enhancer. This tribe, as it was pointed out in the article, is made up of hunter gatherers and most males in the tribe feel that marijuana enhances their strength and helps them stay warm on long hunts.

    One unintended benefit is also apparent. During the study of this group, researchers learned that the men who regularly smoked marijuana had fewer parasitic eggs in their stool. According to the article more research will have to be done, but there seems to be a clear link to the amount of marijuana in the system and the number of parasites, and it could be that the drug is an effective way to rid the body of parasites.

    The author goes out of the way to refrain from advocating marijuana use as a remedy for parasites and in fact calls for more study. Others point out that there are effective products on the market that are all natural, do not involve drug use and are just as effective when battling parasites and worms. One company mentioned is Nutracraft, which markets parasite cleanse supplements that kill and remove parasites naturally. For those not interested in turning to marijuana, for whatever reason, these supplements are an easy and effective alternative.

    Regardless of the methods, parasites are a significant problem for many people and the tribal men of the Congo may have stumbled upon a solution.

    About Nutracraft

    Nutracraft aims to provide premium health products, in a way that delivers complete customer satisfaction. With a large range of natural vitamins and herbal supplements, Nutracraft is a first choice for natural health care.

    Matthew Williams

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    July 9, 2015 - Clearwater, Florida -- "This multi-purpose kit has over a hundred and sixty individual items in it," says First Aid Shoppe COO, Anna Loehwing.  "Not only is it a first aid kit,, with items to treat just about any general first aid emergency, from cuts to burns to CPR to headaches, it also has gear to help you survive for days at a time.  It only makes sense it would need a foolproof system of organization to keep everything straight."

    The ResQue1st Emergency Preparedness & First Aid Kit by First Aid Shoppe is a combination first aid kit and survival bag with over 160 items designed to handle first aid emergencies, as well as survival items meant to assist in the even of displacement or natural disaster.  The kit employs a unique storage system, known as the Easy Access Pocket System.  This is a fully indexed and organized system with labeled pockets, making it easy to quickly find needed items.  The Easy Access Pocket System also makes it easy to put things back where they go.

    "This kit is designed to cover just about any situation,"  says Ms. Loehwing.  "Medical emergencies, survival -- you name it."

    Some of the medical and survival items contained in the kit include an emergency poncho, blanket, CPR mask, whistle, radio with headphones, flashlight and batteries, aspirin, bandages, gauze, first aid tape, medical grade vinyl gloves, thermometer, cold compress, burn cream, antibiotic ointment, sting relief, sanitizer and more.  All items are organized using the Easy Access Pocket System.

    The ResQue1st Emergency Preparedness & First Aid Kit weighs less than two pounds and is available on Amazon.

    About First Aid Shoppe

    First Aid Shoppe is a First Aid company that provides quality emergency first aid products to consumers and professionals.

    Anna Loehwing

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    July 9, 2015 - New York, New York -- Thermalabs, one of the leading self tanning companies in US has introduced new products, Spraying Tanning Machines, on Amazon. The company chose to name the Spray Tanning Machines after the Caribbean Islands which is Thermalabs new line of production. The company is naming the Spray Tanning Machines according to the sizes of the Caribbean. The biggest machine gets the biggest island's name while the smallest machine gets the smallest island's name and so forth. For example the two products on Amazon; Mayaguana Spray Tanning Machine and Airbrush System and Eleuthera Spray Tanning Machine Airbrush system are named after Caribbean Islands.

     The new Spraying Tanning Machines are selling at $199.00 on Amazon. Thermalabs is charging a $4.49 shipping charge to customers who purchase the product. The product is new in Amazon and it is yet to receive a customer review and rating.

    Thermalabs is offering special offers to those who purchase the new Spray Tanning Machines. For example, Thermalabs is offering a 5 month financing on its spray tanning machines. Customers are required to purchase $149 or more using the Store Card and pay no interest fee for 6 months on the entire order if paid full fully within six months. However, if not paid within 6 months, interest will be charged from the purchase date. Thermalabs is also offering free shipping on this item to customers who buy 1 or more of its qualifying items. The company is also offering a 100% money back guarantee to customers who do not like the results of the tanner. Moreover, Thermalabs is also offering a free eBook to customers who purchase the new products. The eBook contains self tanning secrets to a natural skin.

    About Thermalabs

    Thermalabs was created with a vision to create a skin cancer free world. Their products provide users the freedom of getting an attractive tan without having to worry about skin cancer. In their ongoing effort to become the best self-tanning brand in the world, the company strives to create products that are the best in every way. All these products are easy to use, and they provide the license to look beautiful and feel healthy at the same time.

    Alex Howard
    (877) 266-6257

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    July 9, 2015 - Kansas, Oklahoma -- It is now official - two of Survival Essential's seed bank packages are bona fide Amazon Best Seller. Among the thousands of heirloom seed bank packages in Amazon, the 100-Variety Package and 135-Variety Package are in the top 25. 

    The 100-Variety Heirloom Seed Bank Package ranks #17. Meanwhile, the 135-Variety Heirloom Seed Bank Package is now ranked at #21. 

    Survival Essentials first started selling in 2009 on eBay. In 2013, co-founders Lynn and Debra Hall felt the need to switch online market places. By October 2013, they decided that the Amazon Online Marketplace was the best place to sell their heirloom seeds. 

    In less than two years, Survival Essentials have established themselves as an upcoming player in the heirloom seed market. The quality of their product has stood the test of time. Their consistency in delivering fantastic customer service, support and assistance have been well-documented.

    "Providing quality seeds and customer support has always been our top priority," Lynn Hall, CEO and owner, said when asked about the product's increase in ranking. 
    "I personally take time to read through every Amazon review and reply to each email inquiry," he added.

    The company provides guides, planting profiles, recommendations and other assistance to customers. For these reasons, customers have made the most out of their purchase. 

    "....practicing heirloom gardening for over 25 years helped tremendously in the company's growth. We know what people want and how they want them," Lynn Hall said. 

    The increase in rank also meant increase in profit. It was reported that the last 4 months garnered the best revenue numbers. Survival Essentials expects to surpassed their last year's revenue numbers by the start of the fourth quarter.

    About Survival Essentials

    Survival Essentials currently has two products. Both can only be bought on Amazon. The first is the 135 varieties package. The second is the 100 varieties package, which ranks 80th in Amazon's Best Sellers, vegetable category.

    Lynn Hall

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    July 9, 2015 - Chicago, IL -- Lifetime product guarantees are rare, but one for a product designed to be used by newborn babies is probably on the endangered list, yet that is what Funki Flamingo offers.

    This guarantee isn't just for the original buyer of the Funki Flamingo Baby Wrap – it covers the lifetime of the product, even if the buyer has handed it on to someone else. This "Funki Flamingo Infinity Guarantee" makes this product unique in the marketplace.

    Safety, ease of use, durability and style were at the top of the list when the Funki Flamingo Baby Wrap was created. The Funki Flamingo Baby Carrier is manufactured using 95 per cent cotton with 5 per cent spandex added to make it long-lasting and increase colour stability. It has no clasp, no clips and is easy to put on, cutting down on those stressful moments when parents are trying to leave the house.  Parents can hold their child in a variety of positions so they can face them or the world.

    Parents' hands will be completely free so they can hold other children's hands, do shopping or just have a coffee. The flexible design also allows private breast-feeding.

    Funki Flamingo Managing Director Jas Darar said: "we made our Baby Wrap to last forever and this is our way of proving it. "It doesn't matter if it's been used once or a thousand times, by one parent or by 10 parents – the quality is beyond question and so is our infinity guarantee. We will give a full refund to anyone who isn't happy."

    About Funki Flamingo

    Founded in 2015, Funki Flamingo has its roots much further back in time. The business is run by husband and wife team Jas and Angela Darar and whilst running their first business, they have been struck by just how many businesses currently operate that offer poor standard of product and have a non existent approach to customer service.

    Being parents to 2 young daughters, Jas and Angela remain passionate parents and always remember back to the first Baby carrier they had and how impractical it was.

    Determined to do something about this, Funki Flamingo was launched. 

    Jas Darar

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    July 9, 2015 - Glen Allen, Virginia -- A seller that has had one of their product deemed as #1 New Release in its category by Amazon, the  Marsians Storefront on Amazon is always driven by the need to become better every day. And just now they have launched their new and much anticipated product called the Timer Functioned Tealight Flameless Candles. These new models of Tealight Flameless Candles come with a timer function that is stated to take this new product one level above all other conventional battery operated Tealight candles present in the market today.

    The representative of the Marsians Storefront spoke about the Timer Functioned Tealight Flameless Candles and their functionality in an official statement "We are product to be releasing our new product called the Timer Functioned Tealight Flameless Candles by the Marsians Storefront. The product has been very anticipated by our buyers and it is now up for sale on our official Amazon listings," he further spoke about the timer function that these candles boast "The timer function makes these candles an even more hassle-free experience for the users. Users can just turn the switch and the candles will stay on for 6 hours and then go off for 18 hours, following the same pattern till the battery runs out."

    The Marsians Storefront has built its reputation on Amazon by providing what they tell to be only the best quality products. Here is what one of the clients had to say about one of the products that he purchased from the Marsians Storefront "I love how romantic candles are, but hate to light them. God knows how many times I've dropped candle wax. Now, with these flameless candles, I can have candles without the danger or the smoke," she further added "You get 11 flickering candles. They have an on/off switch on the bottom of each candle. You also get 100 fake rose petals. You get 50 in red and 50 in pink. I think someone is trying to get us in the mood. Each candle is battery operated and uses CR2032 batteries. I like that they flicker like real candles. For being that small, they give off good lighting. I can't wait to try them on our anniversary. I'll put them near our bed and cover the bed with the rose petals. I like it already. So, give your spouse a romantic night, good lighting and quality time, cute candles and very useful even for power outages."

    About Marsians

    The Marsians has been in business providing exceptional quality home products and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for battery operated tealights. The manufacturing quality of its inventory is intended to produce premium level products that meet or exceed its branding mission.  (

    Sales Support

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    July 9, 2015 - Niagara Falls, New York -- Genie Best, an online business on Amazon, today announced their new initiative to drive both adoption and engagement levels with their customers and visitors. Starting July 2015, Genie Best will be launching a bi-weekly social media giveaway program through their newly created giveaway blog.

    According to their first blog post, visitors are encouraged to visit their blog regularly and/or subscribe to their blog to get instant notices on their new posting. Visitors are welcome to like their Facebook page or follow the company on Twitter and Pinterest. They are invited to enter their giveaway program to win a premium quality prize in the home, kitchen, pet and sports niches.

    "Our marketing team is working on the first two giveaway programs. The first Contest will be released before or by 17 July," said Genie Best. "These giveaways are an added incentive to encourage customers to engage with us on these social media platforms."

    While giveaway prizes will likely be their product lines, Genie Best will also consider giving out hot summer items such as blue-tooth speakers and LED headlamps to accommodate active outdoor customers. Only one entry is allowed per giveaway. Visitors who click on the "Contest Giveaway" link will be taken to an entry page that records name and email contact information. "Visitors are encouraged to share the contest post with their family and friends," said Genie Best.

    The prize will be awarded to a randomly drawn entry, and the contest result will be announced on their social media platforms.

    About Genie Best

    They are an online store which offers high quality, safe, and easy-to-use home and kitchen products. They are a 5-star seller on Amazon since they launched their first product in 2014.

    Public Relations

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    July 9, 2015 - Orlando, FL -- A knee injury is one of the most undesirable things that people do not want to experience. However, there are certain groups of individuals, such as female athletes, that are more prone to accidents, which often lead to injury. 

    A study investigates the way to prevent knee injuries among female athletes. According to the study, a minor change in the way that athletes move, such as landing correctly after a jump, can make a big difference. Female athletes are more prone to injury, and this has caught the interest of researchers. 

    The Swedish researchers state that a simple exercise program can help female athletes avoid knee injury by 77 percent. This exercise program is designed to teach girls to land correctly while playing, running and jumping on the soccer field. The findings of the study are significant mainly because girls are eight times more susceptible to ACL than boys. ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is characterized by a tear in the band of tissue located in the knees. 

    "What makes knee injuries alarming is that they usually destabilize the knee, and it often results in the development of OA or osteoarthritis later in life," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

    The study involved 1,506 girls who belonged to the age bracket between 13 and 19, and who were split into two groups. One group received the intervention program, while the other did not. The intervention program was a physical exercise program that was designed for the girls. It aimed in improving  body control, motor skills, muscle activation and balance with the use of a combination of exercises. 

    Liisa Byberg, PhD, lead author from the Department of Surgical Sciences in Sweden, states that the program is a combination of warm-up exercises, strength and core stability like sit-ups and various jumping exercises. Warm-up exercises include balance training, jogging and high-knee skipping and balance training.

    It was found that 13 girls from the control group experienced knee injuries and only 3 in the intervention group did. This means that there was a 77 percent reduction in the participants in the group who received the intervention. According to Byberg, the study only demonstrates that it is possible to prevent injuries through the physical exercise program.

    Another interesting thing about the findings of the study is that the injuries experienced by the participants who belonged to the intervention group, were less severe than those in the control group.

    Athletes often use various natural supplements, and one of the most popular is curcumin supplements. Curcumin contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties that are believed to help reduce pain and improve one's mobility (

    About VitaBreeze

    VitaBreeze is a nutraceutical brand that manufactures high quality natural supplements to help people live a healthy, enjoyable and longer life.

    Benjamin Lasance
    (407) 545-2239

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    July 9, 2015 - Rio Rancho, NM -- According to customers - Dealistik™ is known as the most durable Apple Watch accessory on the market.  The brand also maintains 5-star reviews from 100 percent of its customers.

    Since the release of its Apple Watch Charging Dock, the Dealistik™ accessory seems to consistently create satisfied customers.  According to the policies for the online retailer, customers of any product may submit reviews to include 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-stars.  Consumers have the opportunity to speak freely and honestly about products, leaving their star rating and feedback on the product-listing page.  

    According to the product listing on, the Dealistik ™ stand is a premium aluminum charging station that provides a solution to safely store and charge the new Apple Watch.  Consumers can draw much information about a particular product simply by reading current customer reviews. With 100 percent of its product reviews being 5-stars, Dealistik™ customers have the final say.

    One customer wrote, "After having a chance to try this Apple Watch stand, I am blown away!  It is obviously quality aluminum and I love the sleek design.  I really like how easy it is to setup and how sturdy and solid it is.  I bought a stand before from a different company, and it kept tipping over so I had to return it.  This one is very sturdy, doesn't tip over and totally worth the investment to protect my Apple Watch!"

    "It exceeded my expectations," said another buyer.  "It's easy to assemble and made with solid aluminum material and that keeps it sturdy on tabletops…  My Apple Watch fits securely on the stand with the charging cable to receive a complete charge when needed and a great place to "seat" it.  Dealistik's stand has a silver finish which compliments my Apple Watch and would go well with any model."

    Another reviewer posted, "Wow... Very Impressive Apple Watch Stand!" 

    The Dealistik™ Apple Watch Stand is available exclusively on

    About Dealistik

    Dealistik is a technology company providing premium quality products and technology accessories.

    Thomas Maldonado

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