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    Sergey Akopyan has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to prevent deforestation in Armenia .  Akopyan's campaign addresses a growing problem in Armenia:  the increase of logging in many areas of the country, particularly in the En Teghut Region.  The activities are causing tremendous loss of forests.  A lack of funds for humanitarian efforts are making it very difficult for local people to address this issue.

    Many young Armenians concerned with saving the environment has participated in successful campaigns to save other areas of the country.  While not affiliated with political organizations, concerned people in the region work together to support those who want to try to save Armenia's natural resources.  Among these, water and trees are top on the list, as large companies often target both types of resources.  Cutting down trees and polluting water through manufacturing will eventually lead to a loss of natural resources that will affect all Armenians.

    "Deforestation is a problem in Armenia," says Akopyan.  "Our goal is to raise funds to plant as many trees as possible with the money raised from our Kickstarter campaign.  We want to empower local people to address the issue of deforestation, but we must raise funds in order to give them the power to take control of the logging issues and replace these trees as soon as possible to help save the environment."

    The Kickstarter campaign, located at, offers a gift card for every donation of $25.  For more information on pledge levels and associated rewards, see the Kickstarter page.

    About Deforestation in Armenia:

    Deforestation is a growing problem in Armenia's En Teghut Region .  Sergey Akopyan has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds to address this issue and allow locals to fight deforestation efforts.

    Contact Person: Sergey Akopyan
    Company: Deforestation in Armenia
    Address:  Teghut Forest, Alaverdi, Armenia
    Phone: 9167655385

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    Akron, Ohio - Digital marketers at InfloMarketing are ready to unveil their latest promotion: The Customer Journey Map. On [x] , access to Customer Journey Template will be free until [otherwise noted].  This interactive handout will enable small business owners to get a new perspective on their sales process by introducing an easy-to-use method of charting their consumer relationships from start to finish. Download your free copy at: ( In addition to the free handout, InfloMarketing is lowering the price of their eBook “Everything You NEED to Know About Mapping the Customer Journey,” to $7 for those who have downloaded the template.

    The Customer Journey Template includes informative instructions, a reusable template, and an inside view to the most lucrative marketing strategies known to the industry.  In addition to proving a reusable resource for brand development, the Customer Journey Map serves a reminder of the customer’s interest to everyone involved in the business.  From the sales team to the backend, the Customer Journey Map plays a huge part in presenting your products and services to the target market.

    InfloMarketing believes that every obstacle should be faced with optimism as a chance to improve.  By providing marketing strategies and solutions they strengthen small business owners and empower every client to take control of their company and assure success.  You can browse their solutions at

    Press Contact
    Company Name: Inflo Marketing
    Contact Person: Nick Ciriello
    Phone: (330) 752-6121
    Country: United States

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    Squeechy is a hands-free back scrubber that attaches to the wall of any shower and offers comfortable soap application as well as exfoliation of the skin on the back and shoulders.  Its ergonomic shape includes a soap dispenser and adjustable height mechanism to create the perfect shower experience for all users.  Now, the creators of this innovative back scrubbing device have launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for the production and distribution of this product.

    Squeechy makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places such as the middle of the back.  The product includes an easy height adjustment. A proprietary pull/move/click mechanism allows users to change the height on the wall by as much as 7 inches with one hand. This allows more than one person to use the same device in the shower.  The colorful fabric cover is smooth and soft but covers a beaded surface perfect for massage and scratching.  The soap dispenser allows users to fill Squeechy with a favorite soap so it is ready to go at any time.  The device is designed to flex with pressure from the body so that it conforms to the shape of the back for full coverage.

    Located at , this Kickstarter campaigns offers pledge levels from $5 to $150 and includes prizes ranging from paper soap to Squeechy back scrubbers.  To learn more about the prizes associated with each pledge level, be sure to visit the Kickstarter page for information.

    About Squeechy:

    Squeechy is a unique device that allows users to wash their backs, shoulders and other hard-to-reach body parts hands-free.  The proprietary design allows users to mount Squeechy on the shower wall and fill with soap for a completely hands-off method of scrubbing and massaging the back, shoulders and even the neck.  Now, the creators of Squeechy have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and distribution funds for the device in the United States and throughout the world.

    Contact Person: Karen Brasile
    Company: Xtech Product Innovation and Development
    Address: 1801 South Meyers Road, Suite 400, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, 60181, United States
    Phone: 708 831-0484 / ext. 101

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    London, UK - We have heard nothing but voices of excitement over the past few weeks, with music fans desperate to hear Rajeev B’s latest track -  Ranjhana  . The track dropped at midnight last night and has already made its mark on the Asian music scene, encouraging fans and followers to share, comment and celebrate the song on various online platforms. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and iTunes all successfully endorsing the tune Ranjhana has already become Rajeev’s favored song, feeling the response to be ‘just overwhelming’.

    London born and bred, the amazing musician has always wanted to share his unique sound with the world, starting out from his house in Hounslow before casting his net wider and wider over the years. Rajeev B now exists as a universally acclaimed artist, performing all over Europe for various different types of audiences. From British weddings to Spanish stadiums, the artist has successfully cemented his name and his style in the Asian music scene indefinitely.

    With last night’s surprise release he has only broadened his audience, seeing double the amount of people visit his social media pages than usual.

    His Fan’s response:

    With Youtube and iTunes having to work double time to accommodate visitors it seems Rajeev B has delivered on his promise, to ‘reinvent the Asian sound’.  Blending traditional sounds with modern influences Ranjhana is giving the UK’s Bhangra lovers what they want, a unique celebration of culture. Supported by a professional, inventive video Rajeev boasts everything we love in a star, creativity and honesty.

    One fan wrote:

    ‘Amazing to see a British artist trying new things! What a great track!’

    With another claiming that Rajeev B was the ‘best thing to come from London in a very long time’.

    The collaboration of the year:

    The track sees Rajeev B join forces with the infamous Pappi Gill with a song that pays homage to ‘Rang Kala’ by Mukhtar Sahota & Pappi Gill. Regarded as a Bhangra classic many thought Rajeev B was mad to tamper with such a well-known track, however, his gamble has paid off, blowing the world away by his musical style.

    If you wish to speak to Rajeev B about Ranjhana then you can do so through the details below.

    Contact details:
    Press Contact: Abigail Moses
    Tel. Number: +44 2920 442214
    Record Label:
    PR Agency: MOBO Media -
    iTunes Download link:
    Official Website:

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    Israel Schochet is the creator of the Flame King 1 LB Refillable Propane Cylinder and Refill Kit, a unique product that allows users to no longer need their small disposable propane cylinders that need to be disposed of after use.  Every year, tens of millions of small one-pound cylinders are sold for about $3.00 each in order to allow customers to use about $0.30 worth of propane in each cylinder.  These cylinders are then disposed of as hazardous waste or end up in landfills.  Besides these cylinders not being refillable, it cost about an additional $2.00 per unit for the waste companies to dispose of them in a safe manner.

    Now, the Flame King 1 LB Refillable Propane Cylinder and Refill Kit is changing that reality.  With two or three refillable cylinders, users can always have propane on hand but still reduce pollution as well as save time and money.  In just four easy steps, users can easily refill their own Flame King 1 LB Refillable propane tanks and avoid the problem of tank disposal.  Users simply set up a stand with a typical 20-lb. propane cylinder, attach the unique refill spout to the larger cylinder and the smaller 1-lb. cylinder and fill the tank.  This refill kit can be used over and over to refill these DOT approved refillable small cylinders as many times as necessary.

    The Kickstarter campaign, located at , will raise funds for the production and distribution of this unique system.  Pledge levels range from $1 to $99 and include prizes such as specialized underwear and entire refillable propane cylinder kits .  For more information on the prize levels associated with each pledge amount, visit the Kickstarter Page.

    About Flame King 1 LB Refillable Propane Cylinder and Refill Kit:

    The Flame King 1 LB Refillable Propane Cylinder and Refill Kit is a unique system that allows users to refill their DOT approved refillable one-pound propane cylinders at home to save money and time.  This system also allows users to cut down on the amount of landfill trash accumulated every year and do their part to protect the environment.

    Contact Person: Israel Schochet
    Company: YSN Imports, INC.
    Address: 14111 S. Kingsley Dr., Gardena, CA 90249
    Phone: 562-310-1111

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    With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to choose a  hog roast  if you are planning a summertime party.

    Whether it’s a garden party, birthday, anniversary or corporate bash the humble hog roast is the perfect accompaniment to get your event off to a great start.

    Mike Berry, owner of The English Hog Roast Company, has been providing some of the best hog-roasts in and around the south-east of England for the last 5 years.

    “We never ever compromise on quality. All our produce is sourced locally in Essex and Hertfordshire and the pork and lamb are all free range, we can even provide some of the UK’s finest organic meats if requested. We have always worked extremely closely with all our suppliers to provide the finest fresh, seasonal food whilst always supporting “The Best of British”. I have always taken an active interest in ensuring we use only the finest ingredients for our hog roasts. Because the food is essentially so simple, it really needs to be top notch. We have never cut corners.”

    The English Hog Roast company has recently expanded its menu to offer an  American themed hog-roast  with an option for pulled pork and a fabulous homemade American style sauce using Mike’s secret recipe.

    “The feedback from our clients has been fantastic. I’ve got tons of testimonials from delighted clients and our average feedback score is 4.9 out of 5. Many of our previous clients rebook us again and also recommend us to their family and friends. They just love the atmosphere a hog roast has, especially now that the summer is just around the corner”

    With  prices starting from around £4 per head  for the do-it-yourself option the English Hog Roast Company offers incredible value for money. “Clients often can’t believe the savings they can make over more traditional catering without having to compromise on quality

    “Most of our catering is for weddings, corporate events and private functions whilst we mainly cover Essex, North London and Hertfordshire we are more than happy to travel wider afield to Middlesex, Kent, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Greater London.”

    Mike and his team now boast a huge range of blue-chip companies as clients as “We are finding that a lot of companies now are looking to hire a different kind of catering for their corporate events too. We have been really lucky to have worked with some huge brands recently including Tesco, Swallow Hotels, The National Trust, Best Western Hotels, The Laura Ashley Hotel, The BBC and The University of Cambridge.”

    If you would like to find out more about The English Hog Roast Company please contact Mike Berry on  01279 815660 or 07835 233031 or visit their website

    Mike Berry
    The English Hog Roast Company
    Address: Tye Green House, Tye Green, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, UK  CM22 6DY
    Phone: 01279 815660

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    Mayweather Estates, the  Manchester based property investment company  , have recently launched a property resale service for their clients. They now have big demand from landlords wishing to sell their existing investment properties in the Manchester area.

    The service is aimed at landlords who want to sell their existing  buy to let property  quickly and discreetly to another investor.

    Jordan Yaffe one of Mayweather Estates directors tells us “ We set up the service due to the amount of demand we had both from existing clients and other investors, who had contacted us asking if we could help them sell their investment properties, once they had achieved their desired profit return. It can be difficult sometimes selling a tenanted property to an end user, but it is a perfect solution for another investor. Not only do they get an established rental property with an existing tenant, they get cash-flow from day one. There are no voids and in many cases the properties are already furnished too.”

    Recent real-life case studies include a  two bed room apartment bought in Salford Quays  , just over 18 months ago for £140,000, which was resold to a client for £180,000. Another example is a 1 bed apartment bought in Eccles, just outside Manchester city centre, for £85,000 and resold for £105,000.

    “You can clearly see it’s a win: win solution for our investors. It allows them to exit an investment quickly to either release cash for further investments or to take a profit. Most of our investors tend to want to continue to expand their portfolios. We currently have a huge appetite to offer more properties to our clients. We are initially focusing this in and around the Manchester area, as we already have the infrastructure and contacts in place. We are looking to roll out this service across the UK in the coming months.”

    “Most of our clients have pre-arranged lines of credit already in place or are cash buyers, so the whole process is really quick from start to finish. We can also help provide ongoing support to our clients too. “

    For more information about reselling your property with Mayweather Estates, please feel free to contact our investment team on 0161 212 7414, or alternatively register with us, to keep you updated on all the latest property deals.

    You can also contact us by email or visiting our website

    Jordan Yaffe
    Mayweather Estates
    Address: 23 New Mount Street, Manchester, UK M4 4DE
    Phone: 0161 212 7414

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    Dallas, TX - Dallas-Fort Worth tax lawyer Nick Nemeth authors an article on  Small Business Health Care Tax Credit changes and how they impact small business employers. When asked about his latest publication Nemeth explained “Many small business employers are not aware of the changes in the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. This can affect the tax liability the small business owner has. The Affordable Care Act provision means that many more small business employers are entitled to  a tax credit in 2014 but determining eligibility and credit amounts can be difficult.”

    Tax-Exempt organizations and small businesses may be affected by the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit changes. In many cases, the amount of tax credit received may be more than previous years. The percentages of healthcare costs that are covered by the credit have increased by a significant amount. Many small business owners may get a credit for 50% of the costs instead of the 35% that was allowed prior to 2014. Tax-Exempt organizations also saw an increase in the allowable percentage. These organizations are now eligible for a tax credit of up to 35% of the healthcare costs versus the 25% allowed before 2014.

    In his latest published article, Nick Nemeth also discusses the requirements involved in claiming the  Small Business Health Care Tax Credit . In order to qualify for this tax credit, small business owners must provide a significant amount of information and documentation to the IRS. If all the required documentation and employee information is not provided, the IRS may not allow the small business employer to take the tax credit.   This could mean a much larger tax liability for the company.

    One of the most important changes to the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit in 2014 was the requirement that Qualified Health Plans must be purchased from a Small Business Health Options Program Marketplace in order to qualify for the tax credit. If the small business employer meets certain requirements,  the employer may be eligible for transition relief.  This means that, for a period of time, some  tax credit requirements could be waived.

    About Nick Nemeth:

    The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth focus solely on IRS tax problems and one of the most common reasons clients come to Nemeth is for delinquent tax returns. With over 15 years experience as a lawyer, Nick Nemeth is a best-selling author who focuses on helping both individuals and businesses overcome the stress and devastation of their tax problems. At his boutique tax law firm located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, solving IRS problems goes beyond saving his clients' money.

    Nick Nemeth
    The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth
    4100 Alpha Rd., Ste 915,
    Dallas, TX 75244

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    China -, a renowned manufacturer of fiber optic cleaning tools, recently announced an exciting offer for all its new and old customers. The company recently announced that anybody who buys two one-click cleaners will get one for free. The buy-two-get-one-free offer has surely created much excitement in the old and new customers of the company who want to include spare tools in their tool kits before getting to work. Not only that, but has slashed down the price of almost every product that it sells. The owners have confirmed that this is a thoughtful marketing decision that they have taken to increase sales this financial year. offers a diverse array of cleaning tools that include one-click cleaners, cassette type cleaners,  fiber optic cleaning  wipers, cleaning swabs, optic microscopes and fiber optic cleaning and diagnostic kits. All these products are not diaplyed on the manufacturer website and come with heavy discounts on their price tags. The manufacturers have suggested that the huge discounts that they have offered on these products will generate more interest in the products that they sell and manufacturer. In addition to that, they have maintained that they will continue to offer fiber optic cleaning products at wholesale prices in the future as well.

    On behalf of the company, a senior spokesperson recently met the press in Guanzhong province in China, where the main manufacturing facility of the company is located. He said, “We know that there has been an unswerving demand of fiber optic cleaning tools in China and outside China as well. We just wanted to make a statement that we love our customers. What better way to express that than reducing the prices of items in our stock and offering something extra? So we decided to offer one one-click cleaner free for every two cleaners purchased. We know that this is a old marketing trick and we are pretty confident that our customers will love this kind of offer.” He also indicated that there’s more to the promotional offers than they are offering currently.

    About the Company is a reputed manufacturer and wholesaler of fiber optic cleaning tools. The company has its headquarters in China.

    To know more, visit

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    Dallas, TX - Nick Nemeth, a tax attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has announced the publication of an article that discusses the issue of taxes and Social Security benefits. According to Nemeth ”Social Security benefits can lead to tax problems for the individual if a portion of these benefits are taxable and the tax is not paid.” As an experienced tax lawyer and taxpayer advocate Nick Nemeth has seen what the IRS disputes.  Disputes can cause tax issues for someone who receives SSA benefits. Some of the tips included in the published article cover the base income amounts set by the IRS according to filing status.

    Rules regarding tax on Social Security benefits can be  extremely confusing for taxpayers. The newly published article was written to educate these individuals. Many taxpayers who receive benefits from the Social Security Administration may not realize that some of their benefits may be taxed if they receive other income. Form SSA-1099 should be mailed out to every individual who received SSA benefits during the year. This form shows the total amount of  benefits received during the year.

    The IRS also offers Free File to make it easier for taxpayers to electronically file. Paperless filing is offered by the IRS at no charge. Taxpayers with less than $60,000 in income can use brand software programs that walk the taxpayer through every step of the process in preparing a tax return. These programs even handle all of the calculations. Taxpayers who make more than $60,000 can still Free File but these individuals must use electronic fill in forms that do not guide the taxpayer through the process. Both methods can be accessed by going to and following the links to Free File.

    The latest article published tax lawyer Nick Nemeth explains a fast and easy way to calculate whether the taxpayer will owe taxes on the Social Security benefits received. Adding one half of the SSA benefit total for the year to all other income received, then comparing this amount to the base amount for the taxpayer's filing status can show whether any benefits are taxable.

    To learn more about The Law Office of Nick Nemeth, please visit

    About Nick Nemeth:

    The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth focus solely on IRS tax problems and one of the most common reasons clients come to Nemeth is for delinquent tax returns. With over 15 years experience as a lawyer, Nick Nemeth is a best-selling author who focuses on helping both individuals and businesses overcome the stress and devastation of their tax problems. At his boutique tax law firm located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, solving IRS problems goes beyond saving his clients' money.

    Nick Nemeth
    The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth
    4100 Alpha Rd., Ste 915,
    Dallas, TX 75244

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    Pop culture can be found across the globe from cities to smaller towns. This genre of won the hearts and minds of pop culture lovers and continues to occupy a special place in their lives.

    Pop culture shirts  have always gone hand in hand with either reflecting on the other. For many years now it has been expressed through fashion and an online clothing destination that continues this trend is

    The website brings to pop culture lovers, everyday pieces that keep them connected to their favorite motifs from tv shows, movies to comics and sci fi.  Cool shirts  , tank tops, hoodies and kids wear on the website caters to pretty much any age group. The website is also a great place to look for special pieces that are not typically found in a store.

    The most impressive feature about this website is that here, one can find designer pieces and not disposable pieces. Usually, movies inspired pieces are made for the masses and therefore, don’t have a high end fashion appeal but, this website which caters to the tastes of pop culture lovers brings to them fashions that are truly one of a kind.


    This is where pop culture lovers will find wardrobe essentials they need to express their love and passion for this highly popular industry that has been recognized globally. In terms of designs, these are exquisite pieces that one can find only here. In terms of price there is no comparison.

    Both fashion as well as music mavens can use these pieces to make a statement and make heads turn. To check them out, please click on the link,

    Media Contact
    Teeconomist Inc.
    William A.
    202 West 82nd Street, New York, NY 10024 USA

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    China -, a widely recognized name in Chinese and international fiber optic tool kit manufacturing and wholesaling industry, recently took one step forward to ensure customer satisfaction. recently announced massive discounts on fiber optic tool kit and industry-grade tools that it offers. According to sources from inside the company, the company is going to offer even bigger discounts on fiber optic tool kit and fiber optic tools in the coming days. Another important update that has been confirmed by insiders is that the company has entered strategic partnership with DHL, a global logistics management company, to offer free worldwide shipping for any of the products purchased from their website. has been offering highest quality fiber optic tool kit and fiber optic tools since its inception. Having its huge manufactory in Guanzhong province in China, the company has been a leader in the Chinese fiber optic tools market for years together. With the news of the big discounts spreading across the consumer fraternity, the sales figures of the company have soared up in recent months. It has been confirmed by the management that the sales figures have reached an all-time high with the announcement of the large discounts of  fiber optic tool kit  and fiber optic tools.

    Recently, the CEO of the company met the press in Beijing, China. He sounded quite optimistic about the growth of the company in the near future. “We want to take to the top of global fiber optic tools and tool kit manufacturing industry. Since we are by nature a manufacturing company, it becomes easy for us to offer the tool and tool kits at wholesale prices to our retail customers. It gives us great pleasure to announce that we are now offering massive discounts on these products. Not only this, we will also offer big discounts on the fiber optic cleaning tools in the near future. We hope this will boost our sales”, said the owner of the firm during the press conference recently held at China.

    About the Company is a China based wholesaler and manufacturer of fiber optic tools and tool kits.

    To know more, visit

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    Israeli inventor Simon Dotan is a parent. As such, he knows that taking the temperature of an infant or toddler is a bit of a challenge.

    So Dotan developed a new type of child thermometer that is not only easy, painless and non-invasive – but can also be monitored on a Smartphone. It’s called Temp-A-Sure and attaches to a child’s diaper or pants.

    “You can monitor your child's rising fever on a Smartphone screen while doing everyday activities like working on a computer, cooking or talking on a phone,” says Dotan.

    “Your baby won't even feel the Temp-A-Sure thermometer and you’ll be aware of his or her temperature change no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing.”

    The Smartphone app can be preset to a specific temperature and send an alarm when that level has been exceeded. There’s no need to be constantly checking a child’s temperature.

    “This new product is going to create a more peaceful and convenient environment for parents all over the world,” Dotan says. It can even monitor the room temperature when it is not on a child. It's unique to Temp-A-Sure since it's not a sticking patch as all others.

    LifeMedics, the company developing this device, has perfected the design and prototypes have been tested. The remaining steps are to fine-tune the cellular application and initiate a marketing campaign.

    The budget to complete this project is estimated at $30,000. In order to generate this funding, Dotan has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

    Donations of any amount are welcome. For $69, backers will receive a Temp-A-Sure thermometer, nearly 50 percent off the suggested retail price of $139. Shipping to the US or Canada is an additional $10. The shipping cost elsewhere is $20.

    If you’d like to become a Temp-A-Sure distributor, 20 units can be purchased for $1,060. Please add $40 shipping for the US and Canada, and $80 elsewhere.

    “This is a revolutionary new product that is going to make a big impact on parenting,” says Dotan. “It will enable people to provide better health care to their children in a way that is easy and non-intrusive.”

    For additional information, visit or the LifeMedics website,

    Dotan can be reached directly at

    Contact Name: Simon Dotan
    Company Name: LifeMedics
    Email Address:
    Website URL:
    City: Netanya
    Zip Code: 42651
    Country: Israel
    Phone Number: +972-54-5226820

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    With twenty years of standard expertise at its side, GrowEQ continues to help businesses increase in efficiency through innovative management systems.

    GrowEQ believes that the traditional and toxic management system of truckloads of paperwork and forms needs to be eradicated and replaced with a simpler, more efficient way of how businesses should be run.

    Its  management systems  introduces practical steps that help decrease defects, reduces costs and business risks that also improves performance of the business and wins customers. There is no one uniform formula for a management system, and GrowEQ specializes in customized management systems that suit the client’s needs and the business’ niche and existing systems.

    Clients of GrowEQ are able to save money while seeing their businesses grow with GrowEQ’s fixed price proposal that already has the project deliverables, the outcomes that the clients will expect from the company and the timeframe of which these milestones will be delivered. All of these are integrated in the proposal contract, ensuring liability and responsibility of the company to delivering timely and quality output. This approach helps businesses as it eradicates time overruns and cost overruns which are prominent in other management systems.

    For more information, free advice or free consultation with the experts, visit

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    Poole Builder  William Bowley Projects Ltd has just completed their third refurbishment of a property in the same block at Fairwinds on the exclusive Sandbanks peninsular in Poole.

    Flat 11 is the latest completed full flat refurbishment by the team which has delighted their clients.

    “We were introduced to the present owners of the property by sheer chance. They had kindly agreed to let us use their garage whilst we were renovating another property in the same block as theirs. After previously completing two other properties they had seen the quality of workman ship and wanted us to manage a refurbishment for them. Like the other refurbishment projects we worked on in the building, the owners did not live locally. As this was their 2nd home, they wanted someone they could trust, who could project manage & complete the refurbishment in their absence”, states Nick Pitts-Crick one of William Bowley’s two directors.

    “The clients had exacting standards for us to work to as they owned their own kitchen fitting business, and knew all about the difficulties of managing a project of this nature. Once we completed the job we were delighted to receive a glowing testimonial from the owners Tim and Alison Barker”.

    Client Testimonial: “Our flat has been in need of updating for some time and we had deliberated how best to approach this living away from the area. We met Nick Turner almost by chance as he was making a few finishing touches to the flat next door. We had a tour of the flat and were thoroughly impressed by the quality of work and attention to detail. We had no hesitation in asking  William Bowley  to project manage a complete refurbishment of our flat. We have at all times been given full information and regular updates. The project was completed in the expected time frame and there were no added extras that we hadn't asked for - and these were fairly priced with no nasty surprises.” Mr & Mrs T Barker

    The delighted owners are now intending to spend more and more time at the property and intend to rent it out during the summer months, as apartments like this are well sought after on Sandbanks as holiday lets.

    If you would like to see this project for yourself, why not visit the website and look at  11 Fairwinds  under “Portfolio” for a collection of “before & afters” pictures.

    For a no obligation consultation to discuss your project you can reach them on 01202 831853 or email: . Alternatively they are obtainable via their mobiles: Nick Turner on 07989 307939 or Nick Pitts-Crick on 07973 383127

    Nick Turner
    William Bowley Projects Ltd
    Address: 67 Hunt Rd, Poole, Dorset, UK BH15 3QF
    Phone: 01202 831853

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    Santa Monica, CA - Contractors Santa Monica prides itself on being one of the largest leading general contractors successfully specializing in high quality and unique room additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation and house bolting. The company has over 20 years of experience, and its mandate is to be an innovative and entrepreneurial company that has reliability working in cooperation with clients to build quality projects with satisfaction and dignity. Without a doubt the greatest asset is our expertise and customer satisfaction in the home remodeling industry.

    TCWRC Contractors is providing  Room and Home Additions  in Santa Monica California!

    General Contractors Santa Monica continues to employ the best plumbers, electricians and carpenters who are among the top custom builders in the industry. Among the wide range of services offered, full design permit services are among the most desired by our clients as this service also provides financing and equity loan facilities to suit every clients needs.

    Get your  Bathroom Remodeling or your  Kitchen Restored  with our Local Contractors!

    Local General Contractors Santa Monica supplies clients with a free estimate and tips on how to prepare your remodeling services from start to finish.  Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Santa Monica offers a unique selling advantage as the first activity for every professional team is to present a blueprint design of your desired remodeling ideas and concepts.  For that bathroom, our team guarantees a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty so you will never live in fear.

    Protect your Home by getting  House Bolting Services in Santa Monica California!

    With the industry being saturated with the same services why chose us for your Home Remodeling?  We have a team of highly skilled contractors who will design and install everything in your new kitchen and bathroom to the most immaculate structural and architectural designs. We have a high rate of referrals from past clients who were greatly satisfied with our work done.  Our highly trained contractors' top priority is to give 100% attention to each remodeling job.

    TCWRC Contractors Santa Monica  is the largest leading  General Contractors Company

    For more information about TCWRC Contractors Santa Monica Contact us at (310) 622-4161!

    You can follow TCWRC  Contractors Santa Monica on FACEBOOK


    Contractors Santa Monica is one of the largest leading general contractors specializing in high quality and unique room additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation and house bolting. With over 20 years of experience, our mission is to be an innovative and entrepreneurial company that has reliability working jointly to build quality projects with satisfaction and dignity.

    Company Name: TCWRC Contractors Santa Monica
    Phone: (310) 622-4161

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    Miami, Florida - Powered by the People  is a website that provides a ranked list of contractors or companies in a designated area in order to help people make the best choice with their important projects like plumbing or AC repair.  The list is based off of reviews of actual people that have been collected across the net to provide a matrixes and more accurate view of a company.  Recently, the website added “moving companies” to its search categories just in time for summer.

    The Internet creates so many options with each search result that it is oftentimes difficult to make an accurate decision.  When it comes to something like moving, it's already a time consuming process, so to add on additional hurdles becomes onerous.  The goals for any major purchase, much less moving, are to find the best company for the dollar and to make the process as painless as possible.  By eliminating much of the guesswork it is easier to do just that.  Powered by the People wants to make it easy for you to find a great moving company by uncovering the best reviewed movers in your region and then sourcing them in one spot, ranked according to reviews.

    Find Moving Companies by Zip Code!

    “The idea behind Powered by the People has always been to allow people to call the shots, not marketing gimmicks,” CEO explains.  “The best local movers may not have the best marketing team or the best ads, but they do good work.  When you allow people to decide what's best you get an honest and usually effective choice.”

    The shape of the market is in favor of franchises and that means that good contractors who are hard-working professionals that do not have national name recognition often lose in the marketing game.  It is true of the Internet, as well as, television because large firms can employ teams of SEO experts to make their business get ranked first, but that doesn't actually mean they provide value or quality at a higher level.  Local moving companies who may not be Internet experts can lose out, not because they are not good at what they do, but because they're not good at what others do.

    Powered by the People Movers  gives everyone the same opportunity to be seen and viewed and it is the people's opinion, not SEO manipulation or paid ads that tell the real story.  If two companies have the same review, it becomes a random algorithm as to whose name appears at the top.  This means that there is no cherry picking of favorites, no one dominating search results with SEO stuffing, just ordinary people reviewing ordinary companies and then putting those results in the public's hands and allowing them to decide.

    “We believe in small businesses and we believe in people”.  “Our website is about people sharing reviews, sharing their stories, and empowering others to make a non-manipulated choice.”

    Follow on FACEBOOK – Powered by the People

    Powered by the People lets users select their city and their category and then explore results.  For more information on the company or to look for local movers in your area, visit:  or call (866) 748-7875.

    Company Name: Powered by The People
    Phone: (866) 748-7875

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    Irvine, CA – California has proven to be an earthquake prone state in the recent past based on damages incurred to land, homes and infrastructure. In light of this,  General Contractors Irvine  has extended their line of services to include house bolting to help residents in Irvine and surrounding areas better prepare for tremors.

    House bolting is a recommended procedure that entails securing homes to their foundations and minimizes the level of damage to homes in the event of earthquakes. In addition to investing in top quality equipment and tools, Contractors Irvine also hires professional and certified foundation contractors that provide industry-grade house bolting solutions. The company is a full service house bolting contractor and provides a range of house bolting services, including mud jacking, wall straightening, street-creep repair and soil stabilization.

    Listed among the top general contractors in the area, Contractors Irvine does not only provide expert house bolting services, the company is also known for providing kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. The company employs strategic home remodeling methods that make the process stress-free for home and office owners. Their efforts are backed by local contractors who are not only insured and professionally trained but also engage customers from the beginning of each project until completion.

    TCWRC Contractors Irvine Services:

    - Room Addition
    - Bathroom Remodeling
    - Kitchen Remodeling
    - House Bolting

    “Contractors Irvine did wonders on remodeling my kitchen. The designers were great to work with and they spent a lot of time designing and constructing the kitchen according to my needs. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and family,” said Lorrie P, a satisfied customer.

    Having made their name as top home and remodeling contractors in Irvine, Contractors Irvine intends to become the standard in house bolting services as well.

    Follow on Twitter – TCWRC Contractors Irvine

    For more information, visit or call (949) 272-9132.

    Company Name: TCWRC Irvine Contractors
    Phone: (949) 272-9132

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    Mortgage Broker Store  now has a "Toronto Eviction Notice Help Line For Homeowners". This "Help Line" is designed for homeowners that need help or advice regarding a foreclosure or power of sale. Homeowner evictions are more common in Toronto than most people realize and there is very little information available to help homeowners. The cost of getting a lawyer is more than most people can afford and lawyers that specialize in evictions usually work for the lenders.

    An "Eviction Notice" is a legally binding document that is served by the local Sheriff in each municipality. The Sheriff is authorized by the Ontario Superior Court to deliver a Notice of Eviction to an address in Ontario. The notice will have a date and time for when the eviction will take place. The eviction notice cannot be cancelled by anyone other than the law firm or person who issued the eviction notice. In most cases the only way the lender or it's law firm will cancel the Eviction Notice is to pay off the entire amount owning on the mortgage.

    If you are being eviction you should take all legal documents related to the eviction, all valuable items and any contents that you require out of the house before you are evicted. Getting access to the house after the eviction has taken place requires consent of the mortgage lender and usually access will be supervised by a representative of the lender.

    Since there is a lack of free legal resources for homeowners in Toronto, Mortgage Broker Store is providing free information for homeowners that are facing an eviction. We can explain where you are in the legal process, explain some of you options and recommend a lawyer if you require one.

    Ronald Alphonso, (President of Mortgage Broker Store)  stated that "our help line is free and can give a homeowner important information regarding an eviction". Representatives of Mortgage Broker Store have decades of experience in foreclosures and power of sales, they are not lawyers but can recommend a lawyer if you require one.

    If you have any questions regarding an eviction, please email or call 416-499-2122.

    Ronald Alphonso is a mortgage agent, licence number M11001286. You can find more information on private lenders in Ontario at our web site

    Ronald Alphonso
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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    Pompano Beach, FL - Moving Company Pompano Beach is a licensed and insured moving company with over 25 years of experience. Moving Company Pompano Beach is a full service relocating company dedicated to providing easy and affordable moving services to residential and commercial clients. Our goal is to be the most customer focused company in the moving industry providing an exceptional moving service.

    PBTP Moving provides  Full Services in the Pompano Beach  area.

    Finest Service in the Moving Industry

    At Moving Company Pompano Beach we strive to offer the finest service possible in the moving industry and we have evolved with our clients’ needs and grown into a highly respected moving company for storage and moving services. To make your move simple and hassle-free, our movers have added services such as electronics disassembly and setup, identity protection and cleaning are available through our company.

    Find a  Local Movers  or any  Local Moving Companies  in the Pompano Beach area.

    Professionally Trained, Insured and Certified Local Moving Company

    Local Movers Pompano Beach is a professionally trained, insured and certified local moving company that handles all your items with the utmost respect and care.  Services Movers Pompano Beach Company offer includes: Packing Services, Local Moving, Long Distance Moving, Office Moving and Corporate Relocation, Unpacking Services, Air Conditioned Storage and Free Moving Quote.

    PBTP Moving is  Servicing the Pompano Beach area

    As one of the most reliable moving companies in Florida, Local Moving Company Pompano Beach proudly provide basic evaluation for your relocation. Moving services that make us stand out from other movers are: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves, Long Distance Moves, Local Moves, Interstate Moves, Storage Facilities and Art and Antiques Moves.

    Moving Company Pompano Beach isn’t content until our work is completed. Let us answer any questions you might have regarding our services.

    Request a Moving Quote from the Most Reliable Moving Companies in Florida.

    PBTP Moving Pompano Beach  strives to offer the finest services possible.

    FACEBOOK  - Moving Pompano Beach


    Moving Company Pompano Beach is the only answer for all types of local moves, long distance moves and international moves. Our friendly team of local movers can move you from your home or business and all our professionals are trained, highly experienced and dedicated.

    Company Name: Moving Company Pompano Beach
    Phone: (954) 414-7027

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