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    April 17, 2015 - Las Vegas, Nevada -- An ultra-trendy bluetooth wireless selfie stick ‘Ipoq 2015' is now available for sale on Amazon ecommerce website. Selfie lovers can get hold of the adjustable monopod selfie stick with built-in wireless remote shutter online at a affordable price.The features of Ipoq selfie stick including the zoom function, sturdy holder and handle with distinct buttons makes it solid.

    The awaited extendable bluetooth selfie stick from Ipoq is now Live on Amazon. Touted as a quality selfie stick, a wireless monopod selfie stick has been released with highly secure and sturdy holder to capture non-shaky memorable selfies or groupies. With several colors to choose from, it becomes a good-looking accessory and partner when strolling around at the mall, in the city or at the park.


    Attention to Detail By the Manufacturers

    The manufacturers have for long been working to make the final product as trendy and user-friendly as possible. An zoom function is paramount to the success for many who simply cannot miss capturing any of the moments in their lives; either individually or in a group. Ipoq has managed to fulfil this requirement to the hilt along with the capability to click steadier and sharper pictures. 

    The sturdiness and steadiness of the holder is a testament to the hard work put behind it in order to avoid any slippery grip issues. There have been some good selfie sticks launched previously, but, most of them have fallen short on atleast couple of fronts. Ipoq seems to have waited patiently in order to conduct a thorough study of the selfie stick market and come out with a product that suits all the masses. 

    The fact that they have made this bluetooth selfie stick portable enough to fit inside purses and small bags makes it a complete package. The company's spokesperson has confidently stated "this is an ideal companion for people who want to capture highest quality selfies that would serve as a lifetime of memories".

    Users Get What They Want And Much More

    The users would be delighted to finally have a selfie stick that enables them the luxury to give their best possible smile while clicking selfies without worrying about the phone falling down or the stick slipping out of hand. To fit in more details from the background in a selfie image or more number of people in a groupie, the Ipoq 2015 selfie stick has been customized to extend between 0.65 FT to 3.21 FT. It is equipped with USB rechargeable built-in lithium battery that lasts long enough for an entire outdoor trip allowing users to take approximately 60,000 selfie photos. 

    Selfie stick users prefer simplicity and desire to be free from hassles of changing settings for Android or iOS smartphone. This new selfie stick on Amazon provides them this luxury with simple plug-in and play functionality with automatic recognition of smartphone OS. Such compatibility with different smartphones is a boon for selfie stick users as they would not want to select their smartphone based on the selfie stick they use.

    The easy to handle functions and buttons of this Ipoq selfie stick makes it suitable and efficient for every selfie lover to use and could help people get a self portrait done in a matter of seconds.  Such a device that can keep all selfie worries away has now been launched on

    About Ipoq

    Ipoq is one of the most popular brands of premium quality, yet affordable technical and electronically products such as the Selfie Stick.  The company's new product Ipoq Selfie Stick has just been released in the market and is currently exclusively sold on

    Ipoq provides a fun new gadget that creates, captures & shares every personal moments and memories in life. The extendable self portrait monopod is good for taking photos when travel, doing outdoor activities, at festivals or at home. 

    Emily Johnson

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    April 18, 2015 - Phoenix, AZ -- Dr. Moore will bring cutting edge science to the continued improvement and development of the Doctor's Choice brand Probiotic. He is a leader in the field of natural and preventive medicine. 

    LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria) were classified & grouped in the early 1900s, gaining scientists attention after observing the bacteria's interactions in different foods, specifically dairy products. In the 1990's, Martinus Beijerinck, a Dutch microbiologist, separated Lactobacillus as gram positive bacteria from the previously known LAB group.

    Probiotics have a pronounced role within science & medicine. Probiotics also known as helpful bacteria have risen to popularity within the health community through recent years. The idea behind the therapeutic use of probiotics is that a balance between healthy & unhealthy microbes in the normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract leads to health benefits, such as improved immunity and digestion. Lactobacillus strains have been identified as one of the bacterial species in the probiotic group. The organism has been used in studies to prove a correlation between its implementation and health benefits. Lactobacillus are a part of the normal human gut microbiota. When the gastrointestinal mucosa of healthy humans is analyzed, many Lactobacillus species are often found.

    Some have been studied to analyze their potential as a chemoprophylactic in gastrointestinal cells. In this context a chemoprophylactic is defined as a drug that fights disease, with an emphasis on infections. The study found that GI cells were susceptible to apoptosis & cell growth from both heat-killed & viable strains. This study provided positive evidence for future study into the use of probiotics as a chemoprophylactic.

    Other Lactobacillus are studied after being isolated from healthy human gastrointestinal mucosa. The strains were selected for analysis based on its potential to be re-isolated from human feces.This is important, because the foundation of the probiotic theory is that a bacterium may survive passing through the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to its probiotic potential, Lactiobacillus was also found to exhibit strong opposition against Salmonella enterica & Heliobacter pylori, two pathogens commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract. Lastly, probiotics break down oligofructose and inulin, while also growing rapidly on both and producing lactic acid as the end product.

    About Doctor's Choice Probiotics

    Makers of the best probiotic supplement available: Doctor's Choice: 12 Super-Strain Probiotics contains living, robust intestinal flora strains that are acid and bile resistant. Doctor's Choice is committed to making probiotics that are strong enough to out compete & replace bad flora without using chemicals or mystery ingredients. Doctor's Choice was created by Dr. James Moore who chose bacterial strains that are vigorous, rugged and strong enough to out compete unhealthful bacteria, but are gentle enough for the most sensitive stomach while being safe for men, women, and children.

    Dr. James Moore

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    Ottawa, Ontario, April 20 2015: Trillium Dental announces their efforts to change the way you felt about yourself and your smile. They are offering a chance for everyone to regain that lost confidence because of the condition of their teeth. The deal is with cosmetic dentistry.

    Cosmetic dentistry is a series of procedures designed to fix a latent health issue that the condition of your teeth can present. This happens by removing the decayed teeth and replacing them with dental implants, bridges, or dentures. In a scenario,  where there are missing teeth, crooked teeth, or even stained teeth cosmetic dentistry has helped those individuals troubled by the condition of their teeth so much that it affects their confidence and ability to smile.

    About Trillium Dental

    Trillium Dental focuses on the treatment and counselling of proper dental health. They provide many different treatments from restorative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. They also use the latest and most advanced technologies available to the dental industry. The Dental Professionals at Trillium Dental make it their goal to ensure all of their patients have a healthy mouth that translates into having a healthier smile and the confidence to prove it.

    Contact Information:

    David Bartos

    Telephone: (613) 595-1360


    Address: 340 March Rd, Suite 303 Kanata, Ontario K2K 2E2


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    Tech company K-ble has announced the release of its flagship product, the K-ble X. This new lighting charge and sync cable for Apple devices offers unparalleled strength and reliability.

    K-ble's brand new lightning charge and sync cable is 6.5 feet long and is 200% stronger than cables that are currently available on the market. The K-ble X features a nylon braid, aluminum casing, and extended rubber strain protectors that deliver an unbeatable level of durability. The rugged K-ble X lighting cable is compatible with the latest generation of iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

    K-ble is proud to deliver a high quality lighting charge and sync cable for Apple devices in a market that, until now, has not offered such a robust offering. Tech consumers find themselves tied to just a few standard options for rapid charge and sync cables, with no other cables aside from the K-ble X offering the hardcore advantage of superior craftsmanship and unbeatable durability.

    Unlike most cables, the K-ble X won't break after just a few uses. It can be used securely time and time again for charging in even the highest traffic areas, such as living rooms, cars, hotel rooms, and more, and the K-ble X works with the most recent iDevices such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s.

    The new K-ble X is now available at with a 1 year hassle-free warranty. As an Apple MFi Certified product, the K-ble X is guaranteed to work with the latest generation of Apple products. Shoppers can buy with confidence, knowing that their investment is protected both by the Apple MFi Certification, a 1 year hassle free warranty, and the superior customer care from K-ble and Amazon. As an introductory offer, this product is being sold for $14.99 (originally $19.99).

    You can purchase this product at Amazon,

    For consumers who are searching for a reliable lightning charger and sync cable, the K-ble X offers superior craftsmanship. Thus far, the company has had great feedback for its newest product, and K-ble looks forward to further delivering worldwide audiences enhanced phone accessories.

    More information can be found at

    About K-ble
    K-ble is the premium manufacturer and retailer of the K-ble X, the premier lightning charge and sync cable for the latest generation of Apple devices, and other high quality phone accessories.

    P.O. Box 4315
    Ashburn, VA 20148

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    Psychic reader and head Starmark Consulting LLC, Mark Star, considered by his clients as the love and relationship specialist, today announced he has added Hoodoo love spells to his repertoire of psychiatric related services. “You deserve to find peace, love and happiness,” said Mark, a love and relationship specialist with over 30 years experience reading and helping people from all walks of life offering clear, clean, concise predictions without lies or gimmicks.

    Among the frequently asked questions Mark provides answers to for clients include activities of lovers, their thoughts, desires and pursuits.
    The psychic reader’s site has also been given an overhaul, and which now provides Mark’s background, history, qualifications, and tells the venues he’ll be at.

    The following are three of Mark Star's top Hoodoo Love Spells:

    COME TO ME: This helps a person become more attractive to someone who will find them to be intelligent, congenial, sexy and charming. You could be the shy type, not one to be flashy, bold or too outgoing.

    FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME: “Maybe you are just friends, but you have decided that they are the one. Perhaps you are already dating, but they seem to be moving way too slow. This will spark their interest in you so that they appreciate all you have to offer and fall in love with you over it! This spell is designed for those whom there is already something there, but it's not progressing forward,” explained Mark.

    DON'T LEAVE ME: This spell makes one’s partner wants to be home with their spouse and not making plans to leave for another lover. “If you suspect they are thinking about moving on, finding someone else, etc., this will bring them to their senses,” added the psychic.

    “There are also a guestbook page, a page describing Hoodoo love spell work I do, and a page listing other psychics that I highly recommend,” said Mark, who targets an audience who suffers from various love-related ills. I will look intuitively into their situation to detect lies, baggage, affairs, cheating and then counsel them. According to the psychic reader, who holds an MBA, BA, AS degrees, his services help people  get answers to their unanswered  and most perplexing questions whenever he conducts  his readings.

    “Many have questions concerning whether to hang in there, or to rather move on, and so it is my job to help them make a logical decision and present the options and their potential outcomes,” said Mark, who has been a psychic reader and spellcaster since 1978.
    The psychic’s website also publishes monthly specials on the various venues where he can be reached. However, the reader has openings available for clients to contact him directly, from 6:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. seven nights a week for new clients.
    MEDIA CONTACT                                                                                      
    Name: Mark Star
    Title: Psychic Coach for Love and Life
    Phone: 1-800-373-1093 extension 26137
    Business Name: Starmark Consulting, LLC
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8372, Alexandria, LA 71306-1372
    Website Address:
    For further information, contact:
    Name: Mark Star
    Title: Psychic Coach for Love and Life
    Phone: 1-800-373-1093 extension 26137
    Business Name: Starmark Consulting, LLC
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8372, Alexandria, LA 71306-1372

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    Hip Operation, who perform at wedding receptions around the UK, has become one of the most sort after live bands in the North East and the whole of the UK. The live band that put on a performance at each wedding reception like they were playing at the O2 Arena has become a popular choice with celebrities.

    They have played for many celebrities, and now they are available for weddings to make that special day even more special.


    This interview is free to all publications to use.


    Steve, you are the drummer in the popular band Hip Operation, who has entertained many celebrities including Alan Shearer, but who came up with the name Hip Operation?

    I’m afraid it was I, a play on words, double meaning. Nothing cleverer than that.


    What type of music do you perform?

    We do a wide range ranging from the 60s to the present day. We have to play a wide range of music to entertain all shapes and sizes at weddings and events. We aim to fill the dance floor and play songs that suit us.


    Was it a conscious decision when Hip Operation was formed to have a live band instead of a backing track?

    Yes, we have all been in the profession for many years, it’s just more enjoyable this way. It wasn’t an option.


    What makes a live band more special than a backing track?

    It’s simply the atmosphere it creates, something you can’t get from recorded music.


    Hip Operation, are available for weddings. Your band has played in front of many celebrities who have hired you for their wedding and private function; does this mean you are only available for corporate hire and celebrity weddings?

    No absolutely not. Some of our best gigs have been at events with the smallest budgets and smallest audiences.


    What can people expect from your set when they hire you for their wedding?

    Constant quick fire dance floor fillers!


    How important is it for you to put on the best possible show?

    Vital, we get most of our work via referral this is the best publicity. We must be consistent to keep the volume of work coming in.


    Can the bride and groom choose the style of music they would like at their wedding?

    We advise against it, some clients like to choose the set. We have done this before but it never works as well. Plus if you have a huge repertoire you must read the music leaving you unable to connect with the audience, this is very important. A DJ will make a better job and will be cheaper.


    Have you ever received any strange requests when being hired for a wedding?

    Carry on my Wayward Son – A prog rock song from the 70s. We didn’t do it!


    Your video on your official website, shows the band performing like they are at the O2 performing in front of thousands of fans, do you make sure each show receives the same level of performance when performing at a wedding?

    Absolutely, consistency is very much the key for repeat work.


    Who is the most famous person you have had the pleasure of performing for?

     Paul McCatrney

    For people who would like to hire you, how do they get in contact?

    Via the website



    For more information on Hip Operation band and their availability, please visit


    About Hip Operation


    Hip Operation has become one of the most recommended wedding bands in the UK. The band has appeared on ITV Emmerdale


    By Post:

    Steve Dolder

    The Grange House






    By Phone:

    07788 595807

    By Fax:

    0844 44 11 915

    By Email:



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    Many simple things make people feel happiness. Using user-friendly products can enhance our sense of happiness. The researches of electronic products upgrade so fast and never stop. Intelligent electronic devices heavily change people’s life style and make more things efficient.

    In this post, find out how Intelligent Gadgets enhance my quality of life and improve convenience I recently bought.

    Here are items I have recently found great help for my life and business:

    LuguLake Qi-Enabled Wireless External Battery Charger

    Are you still hesitating to try wireless charger? Even the Samsung Galaxy S6 also has already launched wireless charging function recently which is hot and popular. The LuguLake wireless charger with power bank may put away your worries.

    Wireless inductive charger with built-in 4200mah battery, you can take it for easy charging when you are on the way. It doesn’t like other plastic material texture ones on the market.  It is made with Tempered glass surface, aluminum material. No worries that the hot battery may burn out. No worry the low battery, now you can enjoy yourself hang out.

    If your phone is not Qi-compliant, you can easily use a QI-compatible cover, which is available for most mobile phone models. Just put down your phone to charge, pick it up to make your call, how wonderful it is without any strings!

    Epson 8350 Projector

    There is a lonely soul lives in everybody’s heart. We read, travel, watch movies by ourselves. Only by a protector, everybody can own a private cinema. During the silent nights, we may sitting on the couch watch a excellent movie, the light come through the filter to project a great flame. The Epson 8359 projector was highly estimated on By the way, mini laser projector is another good choice if you are in need of outdoor carrying.

    LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker

    I have to say that it’s marvelous to carry music around with me.

    The LuguLake stand generation II speaker has aesthetic feeling with elegant design and stand dock, Built-in 4000mAh Li-ion battery, high fidelity sound without any distortion at all. Listen to the music while charging when you are at home. Put pad rest on it you can enjoy watching movies with comfortable point of view.  Even have a video chat easily. The most attractive feature for housewives is that it can be placed in the kitchen to learn recipes on the Internet. It would be gorgeous and fashionable wherever you put it.

    Although the UFO has small body but it’s full of energy. Various devices can be connected to the speaker via bluetooth. Easy to hold in hands and put in bag for a mini size. Bring Entertainment experience either you are climbing or travelling.

    Wacom Tablet TouchPen

    Even the great Jobs regard our fingers as 10 touchpens. We really need a pen when we draw or write seriously. To be sure that my iPad turned out to be a real productivity tool after I got a wacom touchpen, it helps me to take notes and organizes my thoughts.

    Okbuynow Wireless air mouse

    This Wireless air mouse with Axis Gyro-sensor can fully realize the functionality of traditional remote control and mouse. By waving the remote control through the illusion of the plane, the cursor on the screen moves, you can draw straight line / oblique line / circle and click the button. Air mouse will be very convenient to use when you are lecturing or using the pc in the living room.

    Apple Watch Wearable Devices

     The greatest advantage of wearable devices is mobility. Consumer can carry high-tech everywhere. Wearable devices are more convenient and fast than telephones and coming to people’s lives. There are several new hi-tech wearable devices products being put out in recently months. The first one is Google glasses, after that Moto and Samsung put out smart watch, and now the most popular is apple watch. Consumers can record the daily data of exercise, sleep, and diet. To synchronize the data with telephone, pad and PC, it may help us guide a healthy life through the data.

    Contact info:

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    Revival Tent Company has built a pristine credibility providing pole tents for corporate events, non profit organizations, events and beyond. The company just recently announced they have actually broadened their worldwide reach to now include France, Tobago, United Kingdom, India, Ireland and Australia. Clients have responded with great excitement and interest.

    Specialists concur, when it pertains to purchasing a commercial pole tent quality is of the utmost significance. Nobody desires to be stuck with a pole tent that does not match their requirements, or that won't withstand the test of time. Fortunately, a tested, economical resource exists in worldwide leaders in pole tents, the Revival Tent Company. Recently, the manufacturer announced they have expanded their global reach to consist of providing commercial pole tents in France, Tobago, United Kingdom, India, Ireland and Australia, in addition to their continued remarkable service in the United States.

    The manufacturer credits much of this success in providing high quality event tents, with not just their large experience, but also with having a workspace developed particularly for making pole tents that can be relied on.

    "The effectiveness of our commercial tent production line owes much to that our facility was designed specifically for our use," commented David Tromsness, owner of Revival Tent Company. "We set out the floor plan then prepared the shape, size and height of the building. For example, we have 2 electrical trip hoists that run the length of the 25 foot high ceiling, making the extra large tents almost as easy to handle as the smaller ones.".

    According to the manufacturer, they have over 36 years experience making the longest lived pole tents in America. All their commercial tents are completely produced in the USA, with a professional's eye to craftsmanship, making use of cutting-edge techniques in the pole tent industry.

    With the addition of the 6 new nations to Revival Tent Company's international reach the company now serves an extremely large reach that includes 143 nations worldwide. All clients are treated with the same regard and engaged customer support that has made the business famous.

    Consumers have offered the company a complete recommendation.

    MARY ANNE PIRIE, from Canada recently commented "We used our new tent for the first time. It was wonderful! It even stood up against the full force of the wind on Saturday, and a downpour of rain. We had the blessing of sharing the gospel with 2,800 children, teens and adults. Wow! I'm so thankful the Lord directed us to you!"

    Revival Tent Company is located at 129 S. Treaty Rd Miami, Oklahoma USA 74354.

    To find out more be sure to go to or call 918-540-2435 or email

    Revival Tent Company Inc.
    129 S. Treaty Rd Miami, Oklahoma USA 74354

    Media Contact: Chris Denem

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    All Sunwarrior products are natural, effective and energetically in line with the body so they can be easily assimilated for maximum effectiveness 


    Health Beyond Hype is a renowned name when it comes to health and wellness products, and only promote products that provide health benefits to their customers.  They currently are promoting their Sunwarrior products which are Non_GMO, Allergen Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free and blend easily to provide a great tasting protein drink.


    Classic Protein is the ultimate raw, plant-based superfood protein designed for fitness and health enthusiasts.  Ideal for those who want to build muscle, lose fat and increase athletic performance.  It is 100% plant-based, alkaline-forming, and provides a complete, balanced array of essential amino acids along with being Hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for anyone.


    Warrior Blend - An Unparalleled Fusion of the Finest Raw Plant-Based Proteins

    What makes WARRIOR BLEND so spectacular? Synergy!


    Warrior Blend fuses and multiplies the power of several rich, raw protein sources into a smooth, great tasting, and revolutionary proprietary formula that is overwhelmingly superior to the individual components alone. This dynamic fusion, along with a cold extraction process, creates a unique, raw, plant-based protein with a complete amino acid profile exceptionally high in Arginine, Lysine, Leucine, and branched chain amino acids.


    They also have Liquid Light (Fulvic Acid) A Powerful Raw Natural Detoxifying Electrolyte for Stamina and Well-Being.  Liquid Light is what they call "Mineralized Solar Energy", a raw, plant-based fulvic acid and liquid mineral complex created by nature.   This all-in-one mineral supplement promotes electrolyte restoration and daily cleansing, eliminating the harmful metals and toxins, to which people are exposed every single day. Being a powerful organic polyelectrolyte, the Fulvic Acid that is contained in Liquid Light enables cells to neutralize and release toxins.


    For more information on different Sunwarrior products and their multiple benefits, please visit



    About Health Beyond Hype


    Health Beyond Hype bring consumers the best products to achieve a positive well-being


    Media Contact

    Health Beyond Hype  - Mary – 877-424-4333

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    Charles Christmas of Amite, Louisiana recently received advanced level training on the importance of footwear in DUI Cases from the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys.  Charles received training about the significance of a person's footwear and how to fight and win DUI Cases if the investigating officer did not give a person the opportunity to remove their unusual footwear prior to the Walk and Turn and the One Leg Stand Tests.

    The American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys has compiled information from Judges, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors (the Top DUI Prosecutors in each State), DUI Prosecutors, current Law Enforcement Officers, former Law Enforcement Officers, and DUI Defense Attorneys to determine exactly what skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies win the most DUI cases at trial and are also used to get DUI cases successfully resolved for the defense prior to trial.

    When people need a DUI Attorney, the biggest challenge is knowing whether or not an attorney truly has the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases. Countless attorneys handle DUI cases.  But, only a very small percentage have the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases.

    Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys have received advanced level training on the strategies that win the most DUI cases at trial and are also used to get DUI cases successfully resolved for the defense prior to trial. Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys also have access to the resources and tools that are used to win and successfully resolve DUI cases and these are resources and tools that only a very small percentage of DUI attorneys have access to and use.

    To learn more about Charles Christmas, please visit

    To learn more about the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys, please visit

    Information in this press release is the opinion of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys (AAPDA), and the use of the AAPDA logo, is the opinion of AAPDA that members have met AAPDA's proprietary selection criteria.  AAPDA does not guarantee or imply the competence level of any attorney, whether or not they are a member of AAPDA.  When hiring an attorney, a person should personally contact the attorney and confirm the attorney's skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, strategies and other credentials.  Any decision to hire an attorney should be based on a person's satisfaction, after contacting the attorney, that the attorney hired is who they feel comfortable with and want to represent them.  The specific outcome of each DUI case cannot be anticipated or guaranteed by AAPDA, or anyone else, as many factors can affect the outcome of each individual case.


    American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys
    PO Box 1055
    Middleton, ID  83644

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    To People Who Want To Understand child support guidelines

    Ottawa, Ontario April 20, 2015: Child support is often a subject of heated contention. However, it is a fact that a child has the inalienable right to receive financial support from one or both parents. It is an unfortunate situation when the family unit divides and therefore must decide which parent continues with raising the child or children, whichever the case may be, and which one will pay additional support as the non-custodial parent.

    The law offices of Family Lawyers Ottawa have found a comprehensive booklet released by the Community of Legal Education in Ontario who have published its guide on child support wherein it explains the methods of payment determination and the amounts that the non-custodial parent must pay in order to comply with the law and the guidelines. The booklet further describes the responsibilities of each parent during a separation period taking place prior to any divorce proceedings. There is information that explains how to arrange payments through the courts in addition to a description of how child support affects income taxes.

    Learn more here Separation and Divorce: Child Support

    About Family Lawyers Ottawa:

    Family Lawyers Ottawa is a law firm that has one of the top Family law practices in Ottawa. Our team focuses on understanding the Family Law Act, the Federal Divorce Act, and the Ontario Children’s Law Reform Act. By doing so they can provide authoritative and succinct advice in all matters, which pertain to these subjects in dissolving marriages, common-law, or same-sex unions where spousal or child support, and division of property are concerns for all involved.

    Contact information:

    Kelly Caird

    Telephone: (613) 226-8817


    Address: 1 Antares Drive, Suite 530, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 



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    Scientifically Proven to Fight Obesity: Caralluma Extract

    April 20, 2015

    Hollywood, Florida – Recent studies have shown that Caralluma Fimbriata, extract from a cacti native to India, can help in combatting extreme weight loss. This age-old remedy has now been introduced into modern supplements to deliver significant results and quick. Studies show that a 30 day period is enough time to start noticing the effects of weight loss.

    The way that Caralluma Fimbriata works is four-fold: suppressing one’s appetite, glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism, and increased energy. The combination of these is the power to the success of Caralluma.

    Causing people to eat less propels them in their dieting needs. Glucose metabolism helps your body break down carbohydrates, a main factor in weight gain. Lipid metabolism supports the healthy breakdown of triglycerides and lipoproteins. Increasing the energy levels of your body promotes activity which further increases weight loss, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

    These four attributes packed into a single supplement makes it easier to make positive gains in your health and losses in your weight. Caralluma will help you diet, burn fat naturally, and increase physical activity.

    Studies specifically acknowledge 1,000 mg as the ideal dosage for Caralluma supplements to show noticeable changes after only 30 days.

    Many companies provide this extract in a variety of potencies though be wary of supplements that are not 1,000 mg, the suggested dosage. The main 3 providers of Caralluma are:

    GNC provides Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Caralluma at about $30 but only in a 500 mg dosage.

    Walmart retails Top Secret Nutrition’s Caralluma for a little more, $31 but again only at 600 mg dosage.

    Just-Goodness offers a Pure Caralluma Extract on sale at $19.99 and fits the 1,000 mg dosage.

    http://just-goodness.comJust-Goodness Pure Caralluma normally sells at $39.99 but through its current April promotion offers it at only $19.99, available at



    Nathan Jeffries

    (855) 752-2639


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    Dr. Ozan Sozer, a board-certified surgeon at his El Paso practice and Co-Chairman of the Education Council for North, Central and South America, is traveling around the world speaking on behalf of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

    The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) recently named Dr. Ozan Sozer their Co-Chairman of the Education Council for North, Central and South America. Dr. Sozer, an experienced board-certified surgeon and creator of El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, is traveling around the globe to speak on behalf of ISAPS. His symposiums ensure that members of ISAPS remain knowledgeable of rapidly changing and improving surgical techniques, including topics covering the latest research, information and technical and procedural advances in Plastic Surgery.

    Established more than 40 years ago, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery provides continuing education to members in order to promote patient safety all over the world. Becoming a member of ISAPS requires approval of the surgeon according to strict guidelines that relate to proper certification and training.

    In April, Dr. Sozer as seen at  will be Program Director for the ISAPS symposium being held in Salta, Argentina as well as the Co-Chairman for the symposium being held in Ecuador. In June he will be in Las Vegas conducting the ISAPS Body and Breast Symposium. In August he will make his way to Santa Fe, New Mexico to conduct the American Society of Plastic Surgery’s Body and Breast Surgery gathering, followed by an ISAPS course being held in Australia in October. Dr. Sozer will also be presiding over the Multi-disciplinary Global Aesthetic Meeting in Miami in October.

    Dr. Sozer’s travels will also take him to Mexico where he will be a Visiting Professor of Guadalajara Medical School. After performing live surgery in Mexico, he will return home and be the Keynote Speaker for the 2015 Graduating Class of Harmony Public Schools El Paso. Dr. Sozer has also been honored by ISAPS as one of the few plastic surgeons worldwide to be appointed to ISAPS’ Bi-Annual Scientific Program Committee for symposiums held in Kyoto, Japan during 2016.

    By choosing a surgeon who is a member of ISAPS like Dr. Sozer, patients can rest assured they are highly experienced and have met strict qualifications. Dr. Sozer as seen at  and other ISAPS members have a record of safety, have been trained in the safest and most up-to-date plastic surgery techniques and treatments and remain committed to ethical practice.

    About El Paso Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. Ozan Sozer is a practiced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. Recognized around the globe as a respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Sozer has been selected for membership to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and more. His practice, El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, integrates the latest technology into its practice in order to provide the most effective and cutting-edge cosmetic procedures to their patients.

    For More Information:
    Griselda P. Oaxaca
    El Paso Cosmetic Surgery
    651 S. Mesa Hills
    El Paso, TX 79912
    (915) 351-1116

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    GEEO specializes in arranging international travel for teachers in order to provide them with useful insight about foreign countries to share with their students back home. GEEO now offers a summer trip to the country of Greece.

    The non-profit organization Global Exploration for Educators Organization, or GEEO, specializes in setting up foreign travel for educators. GEEO just announced that it will sponsor a teacher trip to Greece in 2015. Pennsylvania-based Global Education for Educators Organization, or GEEO, gives educators a chance to gain experience and knowledge in a foreign country and then share what they have learned with their students. During the summer of 2015, GEEO will coordinate a teacher trip to the country of Greece.

    GEEO as seen at  will assist educators traveling through the company’s program in a number of ways including recommending grants that can be applied for to gain financial aid. The GEEO-supported trip to Greece provides teachers with the opportunity to study Classical Greek and Roman history throughout the country, including a trip to the Minoan Palace at Knossos. Art and design teachers will appreciate the classic Mediterranean architecture in Athens and other cities. The GEEO trip to Greece also includes visits to towns and cities considered very important in Ancient Greece; along with Athens, sites include Delphi and a Crete.

    Teachers have an inherent passion for learning, and a GEEO-sponsored vacation as seen at  provides instructors with a learning experience long after their own formal educations are complete. Upon returning to their classes, teachers will share this excellent experience with their students; GEEO requires returning instructors to make a 20-minute video documentary of their trip and why international travel is educational.

    GEEO travel as seen at  offers traveling teachers the chance to interact with fellow American teachers as well as local Greek educators. A GEEO-sponsored trip often includes a visit to a classroom lecture in the host country. When a host country's schools are on break, teachers traveling via GEEO can often still enjoy a “question and answer” session.

    About GEEO: Based in Pennsylvania, Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) specializes in developing creative discounted teacher travel programs. The non-profit organization creates accessible itineraries and uses simple accommodations to make travel affordable for any educator.

    For More Information:
    Jesse Weisz
    Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO)
    2945 Morris Road
    Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003
    (877) 600-0105

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    UK -, a family-run business which was started by one Rosario Rospo some 30 years ago, now offers guaranteed next delivery of fresh-cut flowers to UK mainland customers. The London based flower shop, which sources its flowers primarily from Holland, is a reputable wholesaler of fresh-cut flowers in Greater London area. The website was hosted recently by the owner, Rosario, as he wanted to make it easier for his UK based customers to order flowers online. As online ordering is a newly included option for prospective customers, the proprietor of  OK Bouquet  is highly hopeful that the sales will shoot up this year and the next with the announcement of assured next day delivery. bouquets are marked with informal styling, fresh flowers and unusual patterns. For years, the florist has been delivering the highest quality flowers to customers in Greater London area. However, recently established strategic tie-ups with leading delivery agencies in the UK. The owner claimed that the next-day delivery option has already become much popular among the patrons of

    “We did online market research prior to launching our website and the online ordering system. Quite surprisingly, we found that there is only a handful of florists in and outside London that cater to the needs of customers who look for informal style bouquets. So we thought we should launch an integrated online booking system to serve the customers in the UK mainland who truly appreciates the beauty of informal style bouquets and fresh cut flowers”, said the owner of the firm to the local press here.

    “We now assure next day delivery to all our customers residing in the mainland UK. One just needs to place and order online and the rest will be taken care of by our sales team”, said a senior sales executive.

    About the Company is a flower shop that has stalls in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertford and Columbia Road.

    To know more, visit

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    Beach Business Center offers a wide range of virtual office services to businesses. With a VO plan, business owners can use a prestigious address without the expense of maintaining office space.

    Reducing overhead is a big concern for many businesses who are trying to keep their bottom line as lean as possible. Beach Business Center allows companies to manage their overhead successfully by offering services such as meeting rooms, mail and phone management and virtual office services that can be tailored and customized to every need.

    According to Courtney Elward, General Manager, "Having a virtual office or VO can relieve a business of significant overhead costs. Businesses with VO plans can take advantage of the prestige of a Pacific Coast Highway address, live phone answering services and access to beautiful conference rooms for meetings. Beach Business Center offers business plans, phone plans, meeting plans and virtual office plans to meet every need and budget."

    These plans range from having access to a mailing address to the full use of mail, phones and conference room time. Clients can structure their use of these plans to their current needs as well. For example, during a busy season when clients need continual access to conference rooms, they can choose a plan that allows them full access to the office spaces. During quieter times, clients can choose a plan that includes only phone and mail service.

    "Allowing clients to choose their own level of service helps businesses manage their overhead costs effectively," says Elward. "Our goal is to provide businesses with the amount of assistance they need while keeping costs at a minimum."

    For more information on the VO plans offered, see  . For more information on the company visit

    About Beach Business Center: Beach Business Center is a locally-owned and operated company offering relaxed yet professional virtual office services in southern California. The staff at BBC is dedicated to exceeding client wants and needs. Client success is the top priority for this company, and professional representatives will do anything necessary to ensure that clients receive prompt attention to their individual requirements. The company handles mail, email, phone and conference locations for businesses of all sizes and types.

    For More Information:
    Courtney Elward, General Manager
    Beach Business Center
    5150 E PCH Suite 200
    Long Beach, CA 90804
    (562) 346-3200

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    April 22, 2015 - Raleigh, Nc -- Twisted Leather Bags, the online destination for high-quality leather bags announces its first winner in its inaugural monthly bag giveaway promotion.  

    Twisted Leather Bags is a popular on-line store which provides customers with a variety of leather goods including; laptop bags, messenger bags, purses, wallets, backpacks, clutches and overnight travel bags.  The on-line leather bag retailer has initiated a monthly bag give away to reward customers with the opportunity to win a wallet or bag of their choice worth up to $250.

    On Wednesday April 15, 2015 the name of the first contest winner was drawn. Shanel O'Connor was selected randomly from hundreds of entries.  Upon notification of winning, O'Connor, said, she "Is delighted to be Twisted Leather Bags first prize winner."  O'Connor added,  "I'm so excited to win and I found out the news on my birthday."

    Shanel selected the 'JJ' Designer Casual Backpack for Women… one of Twisted Leather Bag's most popular styles.  Shanel had the opportunity to select from several 100% genuine leather bags that Twisted Leather Bags features at their on-line store and Amazon.  In addition to the 'JJ' Designer Casual Backpack for Women the website is well known for its high-quality leather laptop bags, briefcases, wallets, messenger bags and backpacks.

    Top-sellers such as the "Downtown" leather briefcase and the "London" leather messenger bag, are favorites with on-line shoppers as well as their array of purses, wallets, and perennial favorites such as the "JJ" leather backpack.  

    Each month, Twisted Leather Bags will select a winner from its subscribers.  Shoppers may subscribe online at their website or on Instagram to be eligible to win a free leather bag.  The next drawing is scheduled to take place on May 15, 2015.

    The website is dedicated to providing fashionable yet functional leather products that will be statement pieces for years to come. Not only do customers receive quality leather products crafted from high-end materials, all orders are eligible for free shipping and Twisted Leather Bags' 100% Quality Guarantee.  

    About Twisted Leather Bags 2

    An unerring eye for what's next in leather. A relentless drive to exceed expectations. Twisted Leather Bags is working to deliver the best possible shopping experience, helping customers possess style—not just buy fashion Leather Bag.


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    April 22, 2015 - Raleigh, Nc -- Twisted Leather Bags, the online destination for high-quality leather bags announces its Mothers Day 2015 sales promotion.  Starting April 22, 2015, Twisted Leather Bags will offer a 20% discount on all leather bags to shoppers who enter the promo code MOM2015.

    Twisted Leather Bags is a popular on-line store which provides customers with a variety of leather goods including; leather laptop bags, leather messenger bags, leather purses, leather wallets, leather backpacks, leather clutches and overnight leather travel bags.  Renown for providing affordable, stylish goods crafted from 100% genuine leather, Twisted Leather Bags announces this Mothers Day promotion giving additional savings for its customers purchasing Mothers Day presents.

    In addition to top-sellers such as the "Downtown" leather briefcase and the "London" leather messenger bag, shoppers may choose from an array of purses, wallets, and perennial favorites such as the "JJ" leather backpack.  

    The promotion is scheduled to run beginning April 22, 2015 through Mothers Day Sunday May 10, 2015.  Visitors to the Twisted Leather Bags website will be able to take advantage of a savings of 20% on all purchases when they enter the promo code, "MOM2015."

    The website is dedicated to providing fashionable yet functional leather products that will be statement pieces for years to come. Not only will customers receive a 20% discount, all orders are eligible for free shipping and Twisted Leather Bags' 100% Quality Guarantee.  

    Mothers Day is an important day to say, "thank you" to mothers for all they do. Twisted Leather Bags is delighted to offer a promotion designed to help make honoring these special women affordable and convenient.

    About Twisted Leather Bags 2

    An unerring eye for what's next in leather. A relentless drive to exceed expectations. Twisted Leather Bags is working to deliver the best possible shopping experience, helping customers possess style—not just buy fashion Leather Bag.


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    April 22, 2015 - Racine, WI -- Five J, creators of Chalk 'd premium chalk ink markers announces different variations for the consumer when purchasing these chalk markers. Five J has talked about giving variations to customers who only need 1 or 2 for a while and finally made these options available on Amazon and their website last week.

    Jacob and Jennifer, owners of Five J and creators of the chalk markers listened to feedback from their customers who wanted to order what they only needed. Jacob had this to say about the new variations, "The nine packs are doing well but we realized that not everyone needs nine colors, some may only need one or two of different colors, we are hearing what the customers want and giving it to them.

    The liquid chalk markers are out in nine bold and bright colors making it applicable for various purposes. The customer can now pick any variation of any color and create their own pack no matter how small or large. The Hoaglund's are also putting tiered pricing in place for customers so they save money with discounts on multiple chalk pen orders.

    Jacob has said numerous times that they have to be able to serve every need of every customer who uses these markers and not have it so if someone only needs a few they have to buy a whole box.

    The ink in these chalk pens are nontoxic and safe for all uses. The product has to be shaken well, primed, and used again. The 6mm reversible tips allow for narrow and wide drawing and writing. The reversible tips are demonstrated in the video's Five J publishes on youtube.

    The Hoaglund's are launching holiday packs, professional sports team packs and other various packs in the near future for every occasion.

    About Five J Enterprises

    Five J Enterprises is located in the midwest and its current product ,"Chalk'D" is a new line of Chalk Pens for multiple applications and is being used in restaurants, classrooms, children's playrooms and other places of interest. 

    Jacob Hoaglund

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    April 22, 2015 - New York, NY -- April 18, 2015

    Experts agree, traveling successfully and comfortably for business or pleasure, is often a matter of staying organized and on top of things.  When it comes to packing this has often represented a large challenge for many people.  Oventure Travel Gear recently announced the launch of their Oventure Packing Cubes product designed to make this area of life much more simple and easy.  Consisting of three travel cubes in different sizes, the product allows users to keep their travel gear well organized, to fly through TSA with minimal chance of delays and have a much great chance of flying or traveling stress free.  Early shoppers have responded with enthusiasm.

    "Because Oventure strives to make the travel experience better for everyone, we are thrilled to launch our packing cubes that will help people stay organized and stress-free, so they can enjoy their trip,"  commented Dave Olverson, owner and founder of the company.  "The Oventure Packing Cubes are a game changer!"

    According to the company, the Oventure Packing Cubes are made of the highest quality material and include mesh windows so clothes are able to easily breathe and the cubes can be kept smelling fresh and clean quite easily.  The set of three cubes are in Large. Medium and Small sizes making them ideal for many different travel packing choices.  Oventure is even happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee, if for any reason, the cubes don't meet a customer's expectations.

    Reviews of the new product have been very passionate.

    Cee Cee, an customer, recently said in a five star review, "These packing cubes are very well made.  I was surprised at how much I could fit in the two larger bags.  The smaller bag will be used for undergarments.  I like to pack and keep clothes organized so you don't have to rifle through your suitcase each time you look for something. Each bag has a zipper that goes around three sides of the bag so the top will lay back to pack or unpack. The mesh panel allows you to see what's in each bag. These will be great for my weekend duffel, making it a lot easier to pack and keeping clothes from getting all wrinkled. Great product for the frequent and infrequent traveler!"

    Oventure Travel Gear has partnered with Amazon's world-class fulfillment services to offer Oventure Packing Cubes:


    About Oventure Travel Gear

    Oventure Travel Gear is a travel products company dedicated to helping its customers have smoother, stress-free travel experiences. They are the creators of packing cubes that help travelers pack more effectively and stay organized throughout their trips.

    Dave Olverson

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