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    San Francisco, CA ( November 12, 2012 -- Twenty-four year old Canadian musician and pop star Grimes has apologized for having to discontinued her recent concert touring and cancelling 4 shows due to trouble with hearing loss.

    The singer tweeted that she is trying to stay away from loud music for a while after cancelling a series of Canadian concert dates. Grimes issued a statement that it is depressing to cancel more shows in Europe due to health issues and her exposure to loud noise needs to be limited. Her entire European tour ended up being canceled.

    A 2010 study revealed that hearing loss among teens increased the past decade to 31%. In the United States, 1 in 5 people suffer from some level of hearing loss. In Canada, that number increased to 1 in 10 people. The statistics are not definite, but the daily routine of listening to music is a key factor. Hearing loss can not be healed over any period of time. It is a risk for many musicians as well as those attending concerts. It can also affect people listening to loud music on a daily basis.

    According to a The New York Times 2008 report, loud music listeners were injuring themselves on a daily basis due to high-level music levels. Furthermore, listening to music at high volumes for more than 1 hour a day each week was a permanent hearing loss risk after 5 years. These extreme high levels of noise were more than would be allowed in the work environment or the noisiest manufacturing plant.

    Last year in Spinner magazine, Grimes revealed that she was already experiencing hearing loss before becoming a hit indie recording artist. This was just a result of attending loud concerts. While going to a show by one of her favorite bands, Animal Collective, she experienced total hearing loss. She stated that at the time she was high on drugs and pressed her ears on the speakers. The next day Grimes could not hear for almost 2 two days, and experienced sharp ear pain.

    Grimes has maintained a non-stop touring schedule for the past two years while promoting releases such as Visions, which has contributed to her hearing issues. Insert-receivers, the in-the-ear hearing devices musicians normally wear for protection from loud instruments and to hear their own voices better, are not always used. Grimes admits to not wearing them in some of her live performances.

    Hearing loss among musicians is not new. Musicians are paying the price due to years of performing and not protecting their ears. For example, music star frequently experiences painful ringing in his ears. The pain has caused him to choose the hours during a given day in which to create music. There are even Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's inductees that have impaired hearing, about 60%. It is evident that this is a problem among musicians, but it is also one that can be avoided.

    Hearing loss can be prevented several ways, including the use of earplugs or insert-receivers that make sure you don't play too loud. Sometimes loud music is not an issue if the music is not loud to the point that it causes permanent damage. Sound technicians only the instructions of the musician when adjusting music volumes.

    Dr. Brian Hands, a nose, ear, and throat specialist, says younger artists who boosting the volume in their shows are making the number one mistake and feed into the musician philosophy - louder is better. It is normal to hear loud concert music, but that extreme sound is detrimental to the ears, causes pain, and destroys hearing.

    He further noted, if a concert you are attending for a couple of hours is at a level of 105 to 120 decibels, then the risk of permanent hearing loss rises. Normal conversations usually reach 78 to 80 decibels, while a passing jet plane is approximately 110 to 120 decibels. A concert can be the equivalent of multiple jet planes passing by above you for hours.

    Medical experts advise that there are organizations such as Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers that can provide hearing tests and general education about hearing loss. Hearing should be checked on a regular basis.

    Like the lyrics say in the Grimes indie smash Oblivion - Girl you know you gotta watch your health.

    About ( is a one-stop online shop for hearing protection supplies. Catering to musicians and performers, the website offers an assortment of products such as earplugs, headphones, and other protection devices. The Oordopjes Online website also offers oordoppen, oordopjes kopen, Alpine oordopjes, oordopjes Alpine, gehoorbescherming, online oordoppen, oordopjes kopen, oordopjes kopen, oordopjes bestellen at oordopjesonline.

    Contact: Nick Verdi
    Phone: 81540098768

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    San Francisco, CA ( November 12, 2012 -- A recent twelve week study showed that people who eat more protein in their diet lose 1.8 extra pounds as well as body fat, compared to those who eat a normal amount. The study revealed that while more protein meant weight and body loss, it did not result in change of blood pressure, cholesterol levels, or markers for diabetes risk.

    The lead author of the study, Thomas Wycherley, of the University of South Australia in Adelaide said that the extra weight loss indicated by the group who ate more protein was "only modest," but "it may still represent clinical relevance on a population level." Wycherley indicated his findings in an email to Reuters Health.

    The original protein study was performed by Wycherley and his colleagues and looked at 24 former trials, which included 1,063 participants.

    The study's participants were assigned a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet that was supposed to increase weight loss. While one half was given a diet of 85 grams of protein each day for a 150 pound person, the other half was given a diet of 49 grams of protein each day.

    Each trial conducted was made to reduce the same amount of calories. The average weight loss depending on the study was anywhere from 2.4 to 25.1 pounds according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

    There is no apparent reason why the findings concerning protein occur, and one obesity researcher even went as far as to question whether or not the study was thorough enough to proclaim such statements that it did.

    "The studies are generally far too short to tell impact," Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, told Reuters Health in an email. What's more, he added, "many are inadequately conducted to be relevant."

    There are a few explanations of the findings given by Wycherley. One explanation is that the body uses more energy when processing proteins than when processing carbohydrates. Another explanation is that protein helps preserve muscle mass, which burns more calories even when the body is at rest.

    The sources of protein in the study came from animal products and vegetables including beans and other legumes.

    Wycherley says that protein, more so than carbohydrates, can help people achieve weight loss, or at least it is the best hope. However, because the study was so limited, Dr. Levine said, "it makes no real difference which of the (weight-loss) approaches one chooses."

    About ( offers diet solutions, fitness and exercise tips to those trying to be healthier. Reject Fat will guide people step-by-step to achieve the health and wellness they have always wanted.

    Contact: Tim Murphy
    Phone: 9178675647

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    San Francisco, CA ( November 12, 2012 -- Following the NASCAR Plaza and rumored sales of the 525 N Tryon Street office tower later this fall, Charlotte's uptown section may set a record for building sales in a year.

    Charlotte's uptown office market may have sales above $553 million, according the CBRE Group Inc. and other sources that are close to the action. If the numbers are met, then it would beat the 2007 numbers of $500 million in a single year.

    The moving and shaking of the business space is seen as reflecting the optimism in the Charlotte economic prospects. Increasing competition for property shows that commercial sector players have a good sense of the futures of Charlotte's ability to move upward after bottoming out.

    Executive Vice President of investment properties group CBRE, Ryan Clutter, stated that his experience tells him similar cities to Charlotte are not likely to see the same activity.

    "I think it says Charlotte continues to be very attractive for investors. It's a very strong secondary market that has proven its resiliency in the wake of the financial crisis," said Clutter, who has been involved in many of the deals. "It says (investors) are really bullish on the market."

    The area is not all roses, as it is still dealing with a 9.1% unemployment rate, and that number is lower than recent years.

    Analyst remains optimistic despite the past. Most noteworthy is the sale of NASCAR Plaza for $100 million, a property that only two years ago epitomized the abrupt economic downturn and continual uncertainty of the area.

    The tower's owner had defaulted and went bankrupt, and the property then failed to lease up while lenders fought among themselves, unloading the project in the end.

    "It's huge," veteran real estate appraiser Fitzhugh Stout said of the sale, announced last week. "I think people feel things are bottoming out and there's positive movement underway."

    About ( offers trials on request, pricing information, and demo work regarding their software's services in transactions management. Browse the site to see how the software works, and how it can simply and effectively help people reach their goals. Learn more about SkySlope at

    Contact: Tim Jones
    Phone: 9170009876

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    ( November 12, 2012 --  Book Club Reading List today announced that Cop has been included in its expanding list of tomes from which book clubs can schedule the author to attend their meetings. Every quarter, Book Club Reading List sends a newsletter to book clubs around the country notifying them of authors that have joined their program. Cop offers book clubs an exciting look at a cop caught in the middle of living the job through a terror attack while also trying to live a normal life.

    Mr. Magwood has made himself available by Skype, phone, and in-person (when possible) to attend book club gatherings and discuss his novel, Cop. To find more information about his book or learn how to set up a time with Mr. Magwood, please visit his book's page on Book Club Reading List -

    About Cop

    In Washington, D.C., a terrorist is running rampant burning schools and killing with impunity, threatening the life of the president and seemingly bringing down the government-and no one knows why.

    Paul Corbin, newly assigned detective, is devoted to living the job but his struggles trying to live a regular life are causing him to doubt his abilities, and "the dark" is quickly closing in on him.

    What is the intention of the terrorist? The police, the Secret Service, FBI and CIA, even foreign intelligence agents are involved yet there are simply no leads to go on. What will it take to stop him?

    About Book Club Reading List

    Book Club Reading List (BCRL) publishes a quarterly book newsletter that introduces book clubs to authors who have agreed to make themselves available to participate in book club meetings. In addition, BCRL offers affordable book marketing services for authors. For more information, please visit


    Company: Book Club Reading List
    Contact: Steven Pojerova

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    First call GB Ltd highlight the importance of being prepared in the event of a possible breakdown.

    London,UK ( November 12, 2012 -- No matter how well maintained your vehicle it, there are certain aspects which are simply out of your control, and which could result in a breakdown - a shard of glass lying on the road could cut through a tyre, the alternator might wear out over time, or the cold weather could kill the battery. Because of this, First Call GB Ltd warn that it is essential for you have a plan in place, should a breakdown occur, so that you and your passengers remain safe, and the position of your broken down vehicle will not cause put other motorists in danger.
    The experts from breakdown servicing company First Call GB Ltd have some simple tips for those whose cars breakdown on the motorway. First and foremost, if you can still drive your car, then head for the nearest garage, as parking up on the hard shoulder should only be done if absolutely necessary. This is not a particularly safe place to park, and furthermore, it may be difficult for a tow truck to access.

    If you have to park there, First Call GB Ltd recommend that you exit the car from the passenger door, out of the way of any oncoming traffic. Everyone in the car should do the same. As a general rule of thumb, getting out of the car is better than sitting in when broken down, as there is always a risk on a busy motorway, that your vehicle will be hit by a passing car.

    As you cannot predict where and when you will experience a car breakdown, and it may take quite a while for your breakdown service to arrive on scene, First Call GB Ltd advise their customers to always keep a small survival kit inside the boot of their car. Items such as water, a coat or blanket, a torch and batteries should be sufficient. Include some spare change to use at a payphone too, in case your mobile has no reception, or runs out of battery, as you'll need to call either your breakdown service, or a local garage.

    About First Call GB Ltd:
    First Call GB Ltd are motor breakdown specialists who offer Roadside cover UK Cover, European cover, Commercial Cover, Wheelchair Cover
    Capital Vintners

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    ( November 12, 2012 --  Book Club Reading List today announced that Chasing Clovers has been included in its expanding list of tomes from which book clubs can schedule the author to attend their meetings. Every quarter, Book Club Reading List disseminates a newsletter to book clubs around the United States introducing them to authors that have joined their program. Chasing Clovers offers book clubs a story that follows the life of a mail-order bride dealing with the loss of her child.

    Ms. Flannery has made herself available by Skype, phone, and in-person (when possible) to attend book club meetings and discuss her novel, Chasing Clovers. To learn more about her book or learn how to plan a time with Ms. Flannery, please visit her book's page on Book Club Reading List -

    About Chasing Clovers

    Mail-order bride, Livy Green, is desperate to escape the memories of her past. John Taylor will never love another woman again, but his children need a mother. Will they learn to trust each other, or will their pasts interfere?

    Longing to escape the awful memories and the saloon she once sang in, Livy lies about her past so she can be a wife to John Taylor and mother to his two young children. Overwhelmed by the task, she struggles to put her resentment aside and love them as her own. John loved his first wife and is still heartbroken over the loss, but he needs a mother for his children. When his distant and unfriendly mail-order bride arrives, he begins to doubt his decision, though one glance into Livy's terrified green eyes tells him he can't turn his back on her. As Livy's past catches up with her and suspicious accidents begin to happen on the ranch, she is tempted to come clean and tell John the truth. But will he send her back if she does? Or will they forever be chasing clover?

    About Book Club Reading List

    Book Club Reading List (BCRL) publishes a quarterly book newsletter that introduces book clubs to authors who have agreed to make themselves available to participate in book club meetings. In addition, BCRL offers affordable book marketing services for authors. For more information, please visit


    Company: Book Club Reading List
    Contact: Steven Pojerova

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    Contact: Matthew Johnson

    Alta Home Care Now Providing Professional Home Care for Seniors and Elderly in Kern County

    Bakersfield, California,  ( November 12, 2012 -- Alta Home Care, a leading provider of non-medical home care assistance for older adults throughout Southern California, is now providing certified home care services for Kern County seniors.

    This means that seniors and their loved ones from Bakersfield and Delano to Arvin and California City now have more options when it comes to arranging daily home care assistance and companionship.

    Many seniors who want to maintain their independence may still need help with many tasks and chores, as well as the occasional health check and companionship. Alta provides a full array of home care services for the elderly, including meal preparation, eating assistance, laundry, light housekeeping, bathing assistance, range of motion exercises, transportation to appointments, grocery shopping and other errands. Alta's trained home care aides are able to assist elderly clients with all of their daily living activities and can even assist seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's.

    So seniors or family members who look after them and who are in need of reliable home care assistance in McFarland, Ridgecrest, Shafter or anywhere else in Kern County, Alta Home Care can help find and arrange dependable solutions.

    Additional senior home care tips and resources can be found in other articles in the Alta Home Care blog, which can be found at

    About Alta Home Care

    With locations in Palm Springs, Corona, Orange, Laguna Hills and Torrance, Alta Home Care California is among the most respected providers of non-medical home care assistance for the elderly and seniors throughout Southern California. Alta Home Care has grown and continues to nurture its reputation for quality home care, reliable aides and friendly service by finding only the most qualified home assistance aides and providing them with on-going training at its Alta Academy, before matching our senior clients with the right personal attendant. They also use state-of-the-art tracking equipment and a dedicated case manager to ensure that our seniors always receive the best possible care. For more information about Alta's full range of services, please visit or speak to one of our representatives today.

    Contact: Matthew Johnson

    # # #

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    ( November 12, 2012 --  Book Club Reading List today announced that Duty, Honor, Country: A Novel of West Point and The Civil War has enrolled in its growing database of tomes from which book clubs can schedule the author to attend their meetings. Every quarter, Book Club Reading List disseminates a newsletter to book clubs around the country notifying them of authors that have joined their program. Duty, Honor, Country offers book clubs a unique look at the Civil War told through fictional characters but based on fact.

    Mr. Mayer has made himself available by Skype and phone to attend book club gatherings and discuss his novel, Duty, Honor, Country: A Novel of West Point and The Civil War. To view more information about his book or learn how to plan a time with Mr. Mayer, please visit his book's page on Book Club Reading List -

    About Duty, Honor, Country: A Novel of West Point and The Civil War

    They swore oaths, both personal and professional. From the plain at West Point, through the Mexican War, to the carnage of Shiloh. They were fighting for country, for a way of life, and for family. Classmates carried more than rifles and sabers into battles. They had friendships, memories, children, and wives. They had innocence lost, promises broken, and glory found. Duty, Honor, Country is history told, both epic and personal, so we can understand what happened, but more importantly feel the heart-wrenching clash of duty, honor, country, and loyalty. And realize that sometimes, the people who changed history, weren't recorded by it.

    About Book Club Reading List

    Book Club Reading List (BCRL) publishes a quarterly book newsletter that introduces book clubs to authors who have agreed to make themselves available to participate in book club meetings. In addition, BCRL offers affordable book marketing services for authors. For more information, please visit


    Company: Book Club Reading List
    Contact: Steven Pojerova

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    New controversial e-book on the prophecy of an emerging debtors' revolt, entitled "Run With The Vision" is put into free promotional campaign. Kindle owners may download the book free from November 12 to 14, 2012.

    ( November 12, 2012 --  Long time jubilee campaigner Henry Garman launches new e-book, "Run With The Vision: Ancient Prophecy Foresees A Powerful Debtors' Revolt Breaking Financial Tyranny" on the Amazon Kindle store. The promotion involves a free download, running from November 12, 2012 through November 14. Kindle owners may freely download "Run With The Vision" during that time.

    Author Henry Garman says about his purposes for launching this book, "My goal is to get this book into the hands of those perplexed about the final outcome of the current monetary, debt and economic crisis now shaking the financial world. Many think that no one saw it coming and now only foresee "doom and gloom" for the world economy. My goal is to bring to light a biblical prophecy that is "hidden in plain sight". It foretells a sudden great awakening and worldwide debtors' revolt at an appointed time in a distant future. The prophet Habakkuk was instructed to write God's vision in big letters on tablets and to make it plain so that future readers would be able to run with it. The purpose of this book is to make the vision plain as the prophecy commands, so that today's readers can run with it, creating a viral truth campaign. The book also contains a history of the jubilee theme from the year 1300 up to 2012, the date of the book's publication. In this way the reader will be able to see how the the idea of jubilee has been interpreted from medieval to modern times."

    From November 12th to the 14th Kindle owners will be able to freely download "Run With The Vision: Ancient Prophecy Foresees A Powerful Debtors' Revolt Breaking Financial Tyranny".

    Henry Garman has been advocating a debt jubilee to end the current debt based monetary system for many years. In 1985 he began the research which laid the foundation for his book. In the mid 1990's he communicated with many theologians and debt campaigners who were also beginning to see the idea of jubilee as a paradigm for our time, an "idea whose time has come". In 1996 Henry launched one of the first websites on the emerging jubilee theme, In The Spirit of Jubilee, which announced the increasing calls "to proclaim liberty throughout the land, cancel debt and return to our inheritance", noting the calls of Pope John Paul II and the Jubilee 2000 Debt Campaign to cancel the debts of poor nations as a fitting way to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium. Henry currently resides in Ecuador.

    More information on the ebook "Run With The Vision" is available online at Habakkuk.Net.

    Henry Garman
    In The Spirit of Jubilee
    Otavalo, Ecuador

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    ( November 12, 2012 -- More and more people are beginning to recognize the potential for human growth hormone (HGH) to help improve our health, especially as we grow older. However, for many people the legalities of HGH are still unclear. In what forms is HGH available legally? When is a doctor's prescription required? What oversight does the Food and Drug Administration have? HGH Help is a blog dedicated to providing all the information about human growth hormone that a person might need to know, without any bias. They can help you figure out the legalities of HGH use and how it can help you look years younger.

    Human growth hormone AKA HGH is generated in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain, and it is a crucial part of our growth. It also helps maintain our muscles, organs and tissues. The amount of HGH that our bodies produce drops significantly as we grow older, and there is evidence that this decline is connected to the development of health problems such as weight gain, higher cholesterol and blood pressure, and even greater risk of heart disease and diabetes. Because of this, doctors have been studying the effects of increasing the amount of HGH in our bodies for decades. Originally, the hormone was removed from human cadavers, but in the 1980s artificial HGH was created.

    Researchers at HGHhelp explain that the synthetic HGH is only available in the form of injections, and the US Food and Drug Administration only approves the injections as treatments for medical conditions relating to HGH deficiency, including Turner's syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome, Cachexia , intrauterine growth retardation, and chronic kidney problems. As a result of these restrictions, artificial HGH in the form of injections is only legally available with a doctor's prescription. Violation of this law may result in both a fine and a prison sentence.

    However, some companies manufacture HGH supplements or releasers, which are available in the form of capsules or pills, powders, and sprays. They are intended to stimulate the body to naturally produce a greater amount of HGH. The experts at say that because these products are considered homeopathic remedies, they are subject only to FDA oversight, which means that the manufacturer must prove that they were prepared in a high quality manner, and are both safe and effective according to the FDA's Compliance Policy Guide. If they meet these criteria, the supplements may be purchased without the need for a prescription. For a list of reputable HGH supplements go to HGH Help .

    Some pharmaceutical companies believe that HGH can help to treat other conditions, including obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Some authorities also claim that it can enhance athletes' performance. However, there is not yet enough data on these topics for experts to say for certain.

    As Human growth hormone becomes more popular, the issues of its legality and the risks associated with it's use will become more critical. The best source of information concerning those issues is , designed to provide all the facts that consumers need about human growth hormone and the law.

    Contact Info
    Public Relations

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    ( November 13, 2012 -- The holidays are just around the corner, and with it will come the inevitable parties. From schmoozing with colleagues and making professional connections with clients and co-workers at office parties and attending various personal as well as professional holiday events, the next couple of months will be filled with ample opportunities to socialize.

    While some people seem to have been born with the mingling gene, and can effortlessly glide through these events chatting, laughing and just making the rounds, others feel much more shy and uncomfortable.

    Based on her best-selling classics, How To Work a Room® and Face to Face: How To Reclaim The Personal Touch In a Digital World, author and keynote speaker Susan RoAne recently posted some helpful holiday party tips on her website that are sure to help make the season merry and bright.

    For example, when attending holiday parties, RoAne reminds everybody to "bring their O.A.R." with them--which stands for "Observe, Ask and Reveal"--and start with small talk and any items the person and other attendees may have in common.

    "Observe the venue, food or entertainment," RoAne advises in her new article, adding that making comments like "What fun decorations!" and, "The food is fabulous!" can help break the ice.

    "Ask the host or a guest 'Do you have any special plans for this holiday?' or 'Who do you think made this delicious crab dip?'"

    Also, as the third part of the "O.A.R." tip, party guests should reveal some of their ideas, thoughts and plans with others, perhaps commenting on how their plans to be on the slopes for the holidays didn't pan out, or that they have decided to stick closer to home for a more low-keyed family holiday.

    Other holiday conversational tips that RoAne can make a definite difference include acting like a gracious host and guest by being interested, paying attention, and introducing people to each other.

    "Treat spouses and guests with respect," RoAne suggests.

    "Introduce them with enthusiasm and include them with eye contact, comments and questions. But remember: the holiday or Christmas party is still business. Act accordingly."

    As for what to avoid at holiday parties, RoAne reminds people in her new article never to drink excessively, and refrain from saying or doing anything that they would later regret.

    Stay away from politics as a topic of conversation, RoAne added, and don't interrupt, ridicule or complain. Also, upon arriving at the party, put away the cell phone.

    And RoAne reminds party-goers to "Detach from the techie toys--cell phones, tablets and iPods--and refrain from text messaging, emailing, and status updating or tweeting when talking to people."

    About Susan RoAne:

    Susan RoAne, The Mingling Maven®, is an in demand keynote speaker and the leading international authority and original expert on How to Work a Room®. Her best-selling books, popular interactive presentations and media interviews help companies and organizations successfully develop, build and manage client relationships that increase business growth. For more information, please visit


    Company: Susan RoAne
    Contact: Susan RoAne
    Phone: 415-461-3915
    Email: susan[@]

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    San Francisco, CA ( November 13, 2012 -- The 12th annual Ontario Wood WORKS! celebration awarded a group of the provinces architects, engineers, and project teams with a Wood Design Awards.

    The award recognizes those in the organization who provide design excellence, advocacy, and innovation in the field of wood-based construction and designs.

    "These are exciting times for wood design," said Marianne Berube, executive director of the Ontario Wood WORKS! project.

    "Ongoing technical advancement in the forest product and construction industries, alongside creative design thinking, is giving rise to an incredible new generation of wood buildings.

    He continued: "Design and construction solutions that incorporate sustainably sourced wood products support forest industry employment in the province, significantly lower the carbon footprint of any building, reduce our dependence on non-renewable materials and fossil fuels, and provide warm, beautiful, human-centered environments."

    Twelve awards were handed out overall. The winners were:

    -Inovo Center, Heart (Ontario Wood Award). The award recognized Genivar and PBK Architects for significant contributions that the forestry sector makes to the Ontario economy by honoring projects that use Ontario-Sourced wood products.

    -Vale Living with Lakes Center, Laurentian University, Sanbury. (Green Building Wood Design Award). The awarded JL Richards * Associates Ltd. in association with Perkins & Will. JL Richards & Assoc. were also the engineers. The 2,600-square meter center was 70% more energy efficient than conventional buildings of the same size.

    - Metropolitan Pharmacy, Toronto won for Interior Wood Design. JET Architecture claimed the prize.

    -+House, Mulmur won for Residential Wood Design. Architect was superkul with a four-season house in rural Ontario that minimized environmental impact and integrated into the surrounding environment.

    - 360 Lofts condominium, Ottawa won for Multi-Unit Wood Design. Architect Farrow Dreessen Architect Inc and Engineer AAR created a 2,072-square meter in-fill building.

    - Kingston Park Revitalization, Catham won for Institutional-Commercial Wood Design Award, project valued under $10,000. Brown and Story Architects collaborated with Y.C. Liu Engineering Ltd in creating a washroom pavilion along with picnic pavilions .

    Other winners were: Water Garden Pavilion by Brook McIlroy and Blackwell Bowich Partnership Ltd; Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board Office by FORM Architecture Engineering; The Gathering Circle at the Spring Garden by Brook McIlroy and Ryan Gorrie, in collaboration with Blackwell Bowich Partnership Ltd.

    About ( provides information regarding the center for creative industry in the Orlando area. Learn about the projects and endeavors of the focus center, and learn what new and exciting projects are coming to the area, including architecture, advertising, media and technology, as well as interior design.

    Orlando Design District
    Phone: 41532455601

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    San Francisco, CA ( November 13, 2012 -- A newly published book by North Vancouver, British Columbia, landscape designer Senga Lindsay proposes that homeowners should ditch their lawns in favor of an edible landscape.

    In her book, "Edible Landscaping: Urban Food Gardens That Look Great," Lindsay says that anyone can create a landscape featuring their favorite fruits and vegetables. She says that regardless of project size, it can be done.

    The first step, as with anything, is careful planning. You need to know how much space you have. You also must know what type of soil and pests you have in your area, and perhaps more importantly, what you like to eat. While some vegetables that are prolific producers might grow quickly and plentifully, it ultimately comes down to growing what you and your family want to eat.

    "You have to be really truthful to yourself and admit what you will really eat," Lindsay said.

    Another precaution that needs to be taken include making sure that the are you plant for your edible landscape received enough sun as most vegetable plants need to have at least six hours of direct sunlight per day, although some tend to be shade tolerant.

    Starting small is also another good step in the process, Lindsay writes. The space you set aside for your edible landscape should not be larger that you can capably plant, weed and maintain from seeding to harvest. Initially, Lindsay suggests that you should plan for approximated four square feet of garden per family member.

    Raised beds can add to the design characteristic of your dwelling. Adding a trellis to the raised bed also gives you more gardening space, as you can grow vining plants vertically. Raised beds, created with bricks or cement blocks, can also give you the ability to improve the quality of your soil.

    "Edible Landscaping" contains design advice for redefining a multitude of outdoor spaces.

    Numerous concepts, including utilitarian gardens, ecologically integrated permaculture gardens, and ornamental European-influenced designs.

    About ( is an online garden center that offers outdoor decorations and garden supplies. H Potter offers small items, such as planters and trellises, as well as large items like patio furniture and gazebos.

    Po Box 3502
    Coeur d Alene, ID 83814
    Phone: 509 921 1640

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    ( November 13, 2012 -- Naples Pelican Bay Real Estate has added Pelican Bay Villas as a new section to their website, The most recent part is to discuss all the villas in the community and the neighborhoods in Pelican Bay that are home to this type of residential unit. This is part of the company's effort to let those who are interested in living in villas find the perfect neighborhood in Pelican Bay.

    There is no question that the community of Pelican Bay is home to some of the most awe inspiring homes in Naples. By creating a new section in the site that solely tackles all the villa homes and communities in Pelican Bay, potential buyers would be able to easily spot what they are looking for without having to go through several web pages. There are several villa subdivisions in Pelican Bay and the site provides a comprehensive list of such subdivisions. They come complete with descriptions in order to provide the reader with a short glimpse of what the neighborhood is all about. Lastly, the site also provides up to date listings of the available villas, including all pertinent information that most, if not all buyers want to know before they finally schedule for a viewing.

    Corey Cabral, the site owner, when asked about the difference of the site among all others said, "The website is not just all about selling or convincing people to buy from Naples Pelican Bay Real Estate. It's all about giving people what they need so that they will have the power to make an educated decision about the type of home that they will be putting their money in. As soon as they feel that they have found a property for them, they can simply contact me and I will do all the work for them."

    About Corey Cabral
    Corey Cabral is a Royal Shell Real Estate Agent and has been in the business since 1978. He has several building, development and real estate companies which were established back in 1986 with offices in Naples and Palm Beach.

    Please visit the newest page of the website at


    For further information, please contact:
    Corey Cabral
    Royal Shell Real Estate Agent
    3000 Tamiami Trail N
    Naples, FL 34103
    (239) 963-6590


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    San Francisco, CA ( November 13, 2012 -- The Kapahi family of Halifax, Nova Scotia will open another Wicker store on Saturday, its 24th store across Canada.

    The Kapahi's have been in the wicker business for nearly 40 years starting with the current owner, Raj Kapahi's father, Madan Kapahi. The family wicker stores have reverted to selling mostly imported furniture rather than wicker accessories for the home. The decision was brought on due to it is what the Kapahi's have seen sells best in Canada.

    The family prides itself on offering quality furniture at an affordable price, and says that this may be part of the reason the business has been so successful.

    Current owner and chief operating manager Raj Kapahi is currently in the Philippines meeting with manufacturers of their products. He said he plans on meeting his father in India next week, and Vietnam after that in order to find the best prices for their manufactured products.

    On a phone interview, Raj said, "My dad and I just love to do this. We meet with suppliers and attend the trade shows and order container loads of products we think will be appreciated in Canada." Raj and his father take out the middleman in order to save money and according to the Kapahi family, the method has been working.

    The furniture business in Canada has dropped in recent years, but the wicker business has flourished thanks to taking market shares from major chains.

    We are a small and nimble operation," said Raj, who attributes the success of the company to its small nature.

    The family plans to open several more stores in the upcoming years and is planning a new store to start up business at Mapleton Power Center in Moncton shortly. The Kapahi's say that as they expand, they are going to increase the size of their stores in order to take advantage of space and resources. However, they do not want to turn into one of the big chain stores that loses the family touch that has made them so successful thus far.

    About ( offers the best in quality and affordable wicker furniture. With a wide variety of styles and makes, Kozy Kingdom is a one-stop-shop for wicker.

    Kozy Kingdom
    92 Montauk Hwy
    Copiague, New York 11726
    Phone: 1-800-242-8314

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    San Francisco, CA ( November 13, 2012 -- In the wake of testimony from several survivors, a judge in the Caroline County Circuit Court found a bus driver guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter stemming from an accident that occurred on Interstate 95, just outside of Richmond, Virginia, on June 1, 2011.

    Circuit Judge Joseph Ellis ruled that the conduct of bus driver Kin Yiu Cheung was "so gross and wanton" that he had no choice but find him guilty of manslaughter.

    Fifteen witnesses were called by the prosecution in that case, stating that Cheung was driving erratically and acting angrily toward bus passengers. According to witnesses, Cheung began driving aggressively for about an hour after drinking several cups of coffee and energy drinks.
    He then fell asleep behind the wheel and lost control of the bus, operated by low-dare company Sky Express.

    Immediately, as the bus began to drift from the roadway, dozing passenger were awakened as the bus' tires crossed the rumble strips on the edge of the travel lane. Witnesses testified that several passengers began screaming when they saw Cheung slumped over at the wheel.

    Passenger Karrie Finch said, "It was almost as if you're on a roller-coaster ride."

    "I could hear people yelling, 'He's dead!' and 'We're going to die! We're going to die!'" Finch said.

    Witnesses added that Cheung yelled at several passengers, at one point nearly leaving a pair of passengers who got off the bus without his permission during a brief stop to use the bathroom.

    LiDenne Cromartie, also a passenger, said that while she was helping fellow passengers out of the overturned bus, she encountered Cheung, who said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I fell asleep."

    State Trooper Andrea N. Vowell said that Cheung nodded when she asked him whether he had fallen asleep behind the wheel. In a state, Cheung wrote, "Maybe I feeling tired and sleepy time."

    Defense attorney Taylor Stone said that Cheung, who told investigators he got about six hours of sleep before beginning the bus trip from Greensboro, N.C., to New York at around 11 p.m. May 31, 2011, acknowledged that he fell asleep behind the wheel before the crash, which was a "horrendous accident," but not a case of criminal negligence.

    Judge Ellis, however, ruled otherwise. Cheung faces up to 40 years in prison at his sentencing, which will occur January 23, 2013.

    About ( is the website for The Barber Law Firm, a law firm that focuses on personal injury claims. The Barber Law Firm is based in Dallas, Texas, and serves the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex.

    The Barber Law Firm, PC
    3102 Maple Ave., 4th Floor
    Dallas, Texas 75201
    Phone: 214-382-9600

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    San Francisco, CA ( November 13, 2012 -- A new $3.5 million parking garage that will hold up to 150 cars will be built at the intersection of Walnut St. and Indiana St. right by the downtown square.

    Depauw and Greencastle are working together in order to build the new structure. The hope is that with new parking spaces will come new businesses, not to mention the problem of downtown parking that it will correct.

    Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray announced that the garage will be built in a traditional style, and that the design has been finalized. She said the building construction will be underway by january of next year and be done hopefully within the year.

    The building project is sponsored by the Indian Stellar Communities Grant that Greencastle won last year and is worth $19.1 million. Mayor Murray said she could not think of a better way to spend the money, and that it should clear up a lot of problems for people who work in the often crowded downtown area. Murray also added that with the new structure in place, she hopes Greencastle will become a vibrant college town, even more than it already is.

    Audra Bladsel, who is on the executive committee for the university, said that she is excited for what the new project will bring to not only the town, but to the school. She said that she believes it will make a huge difference in Greencastle and that hopefully it will be, "the launching pad for even more."

    Mayor Murray added that the project is, "a significant investment that the state is making," and that the future looks bright for Greencastle, Depauw, and the state overall. According to her, such a small community rarely has the opportunity to put such infrastructure into its economy at one time. Murray said:

    "It's an exciting time for our community to see so much going on at once and certainly an opportunity to come to a new level of collaboration and cooperation with the university."

    About ( offers the best in garage door repair and maintenance. With a motto of "Better People. Better Service. Better Price," they mean it.

    Conrad David Lindsay
    Phone: 4152360911

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    ( November 13, 2012 -- Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds Santa Barbara will be open during Thanksgiving weekend. While it might be difficult to find an agency available during this long holiday period, we will be open and on call 24-hours a day. Agents will be ready to help those who get arrested and return them back to friends and family. We offer the lowest rate bail bonds in Santa Barbara and we offer interest-free financing with reasonable payment amounts. In addition, friends and family members who need our services will find it both quick and convenient. Personalized attention is what sets Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds Santa Barbara apart from other agencies in the county.

    Each year there are many arrests during the long Thanksgiving weekend. Although it may cause stress, especially during this time of year, rest assured that our agents will be on duty and ready to help. Santa Barbara County Jail is not the place to be while others are celebrating with family dinners. However, local law enforcement will be vigilant and therefore watchful for any wrongdoings. In an ideal world, everyone will be on their best behavior and get along peacefully. But this is never the case and it is nice to know that you can find a bail bondsman to help.

    Local police agencies and the bail bond community wishes everyone a safe and fun weekend. However, sometimes situations occur where things go wrong. Whether it be intentional or not, people will find themselves incarcerated at Santa Barbara County Jail. Even though it is not ideal, these situations happen during holiday periods and Thanksgiving is no different. Nevertheless, being with friends and family is a much more appealing environment than being held behind bars. Everyone would rather be celebrating by stuffing themselves with turkey and watching football.

    Our Santa Barbara bail bonds office is dressed up for the Thanksgiving holiday. You may stop by and take a look at the festive decor and say hi. We are a local agency who has helped families since 1969. If you need bail, we will help walk you through the process and answers any questions you might have. People should not have to stay in jail due to financial difficulties. Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds will assist you by providing a finance plan with a low down payment and very reasonable monthly installments. Give us a call today for free, no obligation bail advice and see how our service will give you the personal attention you deserve.


    Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds provides personal service by professional agents. When calling our agency, you will speak with a live person. Our agents will handle your individual case with the utmost attention and care that you deserve. You have the right to the best service possible.

    Phone: 877-698-6600

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    Beaulieum,UK  ( November 13, 2012 -- Bournemouth is well known across the UK for its diverse and popular club scene, and in particular the large numbers of people who visit the area for their stag and hen activities. Anyone looking for a Bournemouth stag do to remember should consider the array of options available via New Forest Activities. The company assists stags and hens put together all of the component parts including accommodation and all of the day and nighttime activities, this takes all of the hassle out of the organization of the event, and with a range of group offers available they will make sure your Bournemouth Stag do is the best.

    As the New Forest and Bournemouth are such a great location for things to do outdoors it's possible to choose from a wide range of activities to suit all abilities and tastes. The wide range of Bournemouth stag activities include canoeing and kayaking, cycle hire, a trip back in time with the cockleshell heroes, tours of the area on foot or by boat, sea kayaking and lots more. Most of the Bournemouth stag activities offered by the company take place in the New Forest National Park and every activity is overseen by qualified expert instructors. There are lots of places to stay in New Forest and the accommodation ranges from basic outdoor camping all the way up to five star hotels and holiday homes. With the company's contacts you'll be able to choose whatever accommodation suits your taste and budget, and get a great deal.

    Bournemouth stag do activities take place throughout the day and into the night depending on the needs of each group. There are loads of interesting places to visit in New Forest. Groups can go on a New Forest Tour or take a trip around the Ringwood Brewery, famed for its real ale. Every aspect of your day will be put together with care by the company, making sure that as the host of the event you can relax and enjoy the day too. The tours on offer provide a detailed look at the history, wildlife and culture of one of the communities most impressive treasures. The events offered by New Forest Activities are bound to exceed expectations and will prove a great value for money.

    For those interested in Bournemouth stag activities you can easily book online, by phone or by visiting the booking centre. By booking with the company you know you'll be able to experience a wide variety of adrenaline fuelled activities packed with excitement. The focus on delivering an exceptional time to everyone who comes along on the day means that the whole group will have lasting memories of their time with us

    For more on New Forest Activities and events visit the site at

    About New Forest Activities
    New Forest Activities help organize bespoke events and activities in the New Forest National Park. The wide range of activities offered by New Forest Activities makes sure that people of all ages get to spend a great time.

    Address: New Forest Activities Booking Centre, The Old Forge, High Street, Beaulieu, SO42 7YA

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    Utilising cutting-edge technology to create high-quality video advertising, launches a campaign to build brand awareness for its valued clientèle

    London, England  ( November 13, 2012 -- U.K. video animation and production company,, has created an innovative video marketing system to help its clients market themselves and create brand awareness. This system incorporates a unique production template that will give clients access to high-quality promotional videos at a fraction of the cost that would normally be charged.

    Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool that engages customers and personalises a company and their products or services. When added to an Organisation's website, this compelling interactive tool enhances a visitor's experience on the site and helps to build brand awareness. Successful businesses use video marketing to reach their customers on various social sites like YouTube and Facebook, on their website landing pages and they also share it through emailed newsletters.

    MarketingEmpire's new video animation and production template gives clients the opportunity to create a video that would typically cost over £5,000; however, using their state-of-the-art production system, the same videos actually end up costing from just £250. Videos can be customised with unique text, colours and content. Those who are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity for building brand awareness for their Company can go to

    Managing Director of Marketing Empire, Deren Stevens, says "having looked at important growing trends within the advertising and marketing industry, our Team have tried to devise concepts that allow businesses on smaller budgets to have access to the same high-quality attention-grabbing videos that the larger corporate enterprises usually have far easier access to."

    In January of this year, Google stated that YouTube was receiving over 4 billion hits a day. These figures, according to Reuters, were up 25 percent from the eight months prior to that. Companies that fail to market themselves through video advertising miss opportunity to reach an astounding number of potential consumers. Those numbers are anticipated to increase as more and more people purchase mobile and hand-held devices that come preloaded with social site applications.


    Media Contact Information:

    Contact Name: Deren Stevens

    Contact Position: Managing Director,

    Email / Web: | |

    Telephone: 0800 298 4628 | +44 (0)208 133 3318

    Further Information: Marketing Empire was set up in 2009 by a Team of marketing professionals, with the aim of devising concepts for SME's that allowed access to a vast range of marketing/advertising services, at costs far lower than is usually associated to similar campaigns. With our video production templates, over £15,000 has been invested along with 6 months of development to create animated templates that can be customised to each client. As the base work has already been carried out, these videos can be customised for our clients at just £250, integrating their corporate identity, text, images etc. One of the bestselling video templates can be seen on this link (, with five more templates currently being developed to give customers' choice.

    For interviews, photos, quotes, or to discuss any questions you may have prior to publication, please get in touch using the contact details above. Thank you.

    Contact Name: Deren Stevens
    Role: Managing Director
    Company: Marketing Empire
    Contact Email: click to reveal e-mail
    Contact Phone: 0800 298 4628 | +44(0)208 133 3318
    Company Website:

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